Everything you want to know about everything you want

Publisher: Longevity Media
Contact Person : Sally Hudson
Telephone : 011 889 0600
Fax :
Email : art@stuff.co.za
Stuff is a magazine about technology, but it�s more about how a product looks and how it fits into the reader�s life, than about the mechanics of �what's going on inside the product�. Stuff is about the excitement of shopping, the joy of finding the best deal and the thrill of opening the box. Stuff is the iPhone of gadget magazines. Stuff is lipstick and shoes for men. It�s everything you want to know... about everything you want.

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Last Updated 2020-10-12
Issue Interval: Monthly
Reader Profile: Stuff magazine readers are actively interested in tech products. They are techno savvy, and mostly males between 24 and 45 years of age in LSM 7-10. They have a high disposable income and a desire for the latest and coolest gadgets.
Cover Price: R49.50
City: Johannesburg
Advertising Contact: Sally Hudson
Advertising Telephone: 011 889 0600
Advertising Email: sally@stuff.co.za

Half Page Full Colour: R 20,200.00
Full Page Full Colour: R 36,000.00
Double Page Spread: R 66,000.00
Inside Back Cover: R 39,900.00
Inside Front Cover: R 75,000.00

All rates include Agency Commission and exclude VAT


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