COVER PRICE: Free to members
FREQUENCY: 3 issues per year

Sea Rescue Magazine
‘Stories of human endeavour and bravery’

Publisher: The Publishing Partnership
Contact Person : Wendy Maritz
Telephone : 021 424-3517
Fax : 021 424-3612
Email : wmaritz@tppsa.co.za
Sea Rescue magazine is published three times a year on behalf of the National Sea Rescue Institute. It is mailed out directly to 73 000 people who are members, donors, corporate sponsors, subscribers and volunteers. Since readers are all philanthropic donors, they tend to be of a higher LSM and have disposable income. The magazine includes a mixture of real-life rescue stories, as well as travel, leisure and outdoor sports. By advertising in Sea Rescue magazine, you are supporting an essential rescue service and associating your brand with a trusted and respected South African institution. Statistics show that readers truly engage with the magazine, pour over its pages, and read it from cover to cover. The National Sea Rescue Institute of South Africa has been saving lives on South African waters for 47 years. As a non-profit organisation manned by a dedicated and skilled volunteer crew, the NSRI has been doing this rescue work funded by loyal sponsors and supporters (individuals and companies) and by their own dedicated fundraising efforts. As a charity, all donations received by the NSRI are used for rescues, maintaining the rescue vehicles and craft, while magazine costs are covered by advertising.

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Last Updated 2017-02-07
Circulation: 74 757 (July 2015 - June 2016)
Issue Interval: 3 issues per year
Reader Profile: Sea Rescue readers are aged 35-65, they typically own a watersport craft, a holiday home at the coast, have an interest in the maritime arena and possess disposable income.
Cover Price: Free to members
City: Cape Town
Advertising Contact: Nick Lumb
Advertising Telephone: 060 736 4386
Advertising Email: nlumb@tppsa.co.za
City: Cape Town
Advertising Contact: Nadia Jacobs
Advertising Telephone: 021 488 5944
Advertising Email: njacobs@tppsa.co.za
City: Cape Town
Advertising Contact: Wendy Maritz
Advertising Telephone: 072 927 4308
Advertising Email: wmaritz@tppsa.co.za

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Inside Back Cover: R 22,000.00; Outside Back Cover R25,000.00
Inside Front Cover: R 22,000.00; Inside Front Cover DPS R35,000.00

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