FREQUENCY: Alt Monthly

Muscle Evolution
South Africa's no.1 bodybuilding magazine

Publisher: Maverick Publishing Corp
Contact Person : Tanja Schmitz
Telephone : 011-791-3646
Fax : 086-660-4761
Email : info@muscleevolution.co.za
Muscle Evolution focuses on weight training, bodybuilding, nutrition and coverage of local physique competitions. Weight training is a core aspect in achieving success in strength related sports. The principles of bodybuilding are therefore universally incorporated into the training regimes of all sportsmen and women seeking to be competitive in their chosen sport. This environment connects advertisers with highly focused and passionate individuals - passionate about their training and their lifestyles, along with the brands they are connected to.

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Last Updated 2016-07-19
Circulation: 10000
Issue Interval: Alt Monthly
Reader Profile: The Muscle Evolution
reader is a rare breed.
Their single minded focus
on building the perfect physique
and their unwaivering
dedication to training means
they constantly seek out and
are highly receptive to new
information on the latest
products on the market, be
they training and competition
aids, supplements or
nutrition. This predominantly
male readership invests a
substantial portion of their
monthly expendable income
on the best quality food and
supplementation, as well as
lifestyle apparel and training
gear. Falling within the
upper LSM segment of the
South African market, Muscle
Evolution readers generally
have access to Internet and
email, have a mobile phone
and are financially independent.
They constantly use the
Internet to access information
on bodybuilding and
are great brand ambassadors
for products that they trust
and value.
Cover Price: R 45.00
City: Johannesburg
Advertising Contact: Brian Verster
Advertising Telephone: 011 791 3646
Advertising Email: Brian@muscleevolution.co.za
City: Johannesburg
Advertising Contact: Andrew Carruthers
Advertising Telephone: 011 791-3646
Advertising Email: andrew@maverickpublishing.co.za
City: Johannesburg
Advertising Contact: Leoni Needham
Advertising Telephone: 011 791-3646
Advertising Email: leoni@fitnessmag.co.za

Half Page Full Colour: R 9,850.00 excl Agency Comm & VAT)
Full Page Full Colour: R 20,200.00 excl Agency Comm & VAT
Double Page Spread: R 28,300.00 excl Agency Comm & VAT
Inside Back Cover: R 23,200.00 excl Agency Comm & VAT
Inside Front Cover: R Price on request

All rates include Agency Commission and exclude VAT


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