Parenting… Your Way!

Publisher: Kwenta Media
Contact Person : Nuraan Motlekar
Telephone : 011- 467-5859
Fax : 011- 467-2808
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Parenting and lifestyle is our priority... Mamas & Papas is a monthly, supergloss, quality parenting and ethnic lifestyle magazine, TV show, Webzine and Website that centres on rich heritage, rediscovering our cultural domestic roots and taking what works for you as a parent. It allows you to review and reintegrate that age-old traditional wisdom, reapply it… and, do it YOUR way! Mamas & Papas is an all inclusive parenting package that centres around 8 key pillars: Pre-pregnancy, Pregnancy, Labour & Birth, Babies, Toddlers, Special Needs, tweenies, & Working Moms & Dads.

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Last Updated 2016-06-14
Circulation: 28,524
Issue Interval: Monthly
Reader Profile: This is the complete guide for women and men between the age of 23–45 years in the LSM of 6–12 and LSM 5 down are more aspiring
◊ Who are ready to start planning a family
◊ Who are already expecting their first child
◊ Who have children from the ages of 0–8 years
◊ Who are single moms and dads
◊ Who are parents living with special needs
◊ Who are parents with a child or children with special needs
◊ Who are working/part time and stay-home moms and dads
Cover Price: R 27.00
City: Johannesburg
Advertising Contact: Nuraan Motlekar
Advertising Telephone: 011- 467-5859
Advertising Email: nuraan@kwentamedia.com
City: Johannesburg
Advertising Contact: Nawaal Motlekar
Advertising Telephone: 011 467-5859
Advertising Email: nawaal@kwentamedia.com

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Full Page Full Colour: R R30 431.33
Double Page Spread: R R59 732.69
Inside Back Cover: R R34 726.16
Inside Front Cover: R R38 897.71

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