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March 2020

Tanya Visser
I always look forward to this time of the year. There is a glimpse of respite from the heat of summer, and my word has it been hot! Never before have I experienced such soaring temperatures, not only in our part of the world but in many other parts o... Read more
The Gardener
For everyone who loves gardening


The War of the Roses
The 'Iceberg' roses in this marvellous garden have a story to tell....

Plant your own bog garden
If out of the ordinary is what you're looking for, look no further than bog gardens and the endless list of quirky, offbeat plants...

A quick guide to keeping your ferns alive
'Pteridomania' (Ferns Fever) is the term coined in 1855 to describe the fern craze that was sweeping across Victorian England at the time...

What to do now
March may be the start of autumn, but there is still loads to do in the garden!...

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Herbs for veggies
Herbs and vegetables that are good companions in the garden often complement one another in flavour when cooked together or used in salads

Trusty Trio
Vibrant (and rustic) autumn shades

Good bed-mates
What you plant together in a bed should look like they are born for each other.

Cover crops for the soil
Timeless remedies for soil health

Tree of the month
Virgilia divaricata Fast growing, magnificent keurboom

Your rose garden
Keep your roses flowering into winter by following these tips. 'Garden Princess' is a beautiful pink rose for your garden.

Lunar gardening guide.

Stoep Stories with Anna Celliers
Will a robot want a tip?






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