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May 2019/Issue 95

Brett Venter
The only question we get more often than “Apple or Android?” or “You’re not really going to wear that out, are you?” is “Which headphones should I buy?” So, dear reader, we’ve put together a feature that tackles that very question (p3... Read more
Everything you want to know about everything you want


Cover feature: Headphones buying guide
Allow Stuff to help you pick a way through the best wireless, in-ear, over-ear, sports and gaming ’phones – your ears deserve it...

Ethical gadgets
Got a conscience? Get this tech...

Tested: Porsche 911 Carrera S
It’s a sensible sports car... yet we love it...

Tested: Fitbit Versa Lite
Which ‘light’ pun will we use this time...

First test: Huawei P30 Pro
Best phone camera ever gets slightly better...

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Vital stats: Oculus Rift S
Now with built-in furniture-dodging.

Icon: Sony Wena Wrist Pro
Don’t get a smart watch – just a smart strap.

It’s official: electric cars are finally S3XY and we get to meet the Cupra.

Tested: Apple AirPods (2019)
An update for the sticky-outy wireless buds.

Tested: Olympus OM-D E-M1X
A new flagship with an Olympian price tag.

First test: Samsung QE65Q900R
What the world needs now is... 8K TVs?

3 of the best Bluetooth turntables
Stream your vinyl, upset purists on both sides.

Tested: Razer Blade Stealth
Still, as long as you’ve got your Stealth...

Long-term test: Samsung Galaxy Buds
Beating the new AirPods to the sonic punch.

Long-term test: Fujifilm X-T30
A slimmed-down sibling for the glorious X-T3.

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