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Sep/Oct 2018
FREQUENCY: Alt Monthly

Werner Beukes
The end of an icon... The edition you hold in your hands is the final one. Ever. Yes, Muscle Evolution will cease publication after 15 years. Although this will come as a tremendous shock to a number of hardcore bodybuilding fans out there who thr... Read more
Muscle Evolution
South Africa's no.1 bodybuilding magazine


SA’s Top 15 bodybuilders
A look back at the past 15 years - South Africa’s golden era of bodybuilding...

Exertion load
All reps aren’t created equal in the gym...

The big O preview
Who is competing and, more importantly, who will win...

Our most insane workouts
We take a look back at some of the bodybuilding industry’s hardest training athletes...

Sascha van Wyk
Super hot Sascha van Wyk is a self-admitted gym junkie from Pretoria...

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Meet the Beast Boy
Be inspired by Matthew Parker.

From scrawny to superhero
We chat to new PCA Pro, The Marvel.

Helpful or a scam?

Man versus iron
Experts offer valuable tips and tricks to train more effectively.

The heart of a lifter
Does lifting also tick the box of possibly sending you to an early grave?

5 reasons why your muscle growth has stalled
Building muscle is an intensive process.

Protein timing
Protein supplement timing matters to body composition.

Potent steroids & powerful stacks
Athletes and recreational lifters alike search for that magic combination of size and strength.

Show coverage
IFBB Boksburg Classic, PCA Battle of the Titans VI, PCA H&H Bodybuilding and Fitness Classic.

Last rep
Views on all things bodybuilding.

All the news on both the local and international bodybuilding scene.

M.E We answer all your training and nutrition related questions.

What Muscle Evolution readers have to say.

We look into the science behind bodybuilding and bring you the facts

Informative columns from the biggest names in South African bodybuilding


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