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Jul/Aug 2018
FREQUENCY: Alt Monthly

Werner Beukes
Use only that which works... In the world of bodybuilding there are countless examples of freaks who defy logic. Take Ronnie Coleman as the perfect example. I believe no one in history delivered more muscle lines with more authority than the forme... Read more
Muscle Evolution
South Africa's no.1 bodybuilding magazine


EAAs versus BCAAs
Which product is better for you...

Classic shoulder builders
Follow the lead of super heavyweight Dewald Barendse...

Arnold Classic prep plans
What it takes to pose down against the best...

Roar young lion roar
Meet the newest IFBB Elite Pro athlete, Master Roderick...

No-meat muscle
A different approach to building muscle...

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Built for war
Be inspired by Vuyo Vanda.

Mass with class
Dewald Barendse has the physique to back up his all-consuming passion for bodybuilding.

To failure and beyond
Try these advanced tactics for muscle growth.

Get your bulk on
Learn from the professionals.

Miguel Malima
Muscleman from Moz.

Cheers CNS fatigue
Fix your training hangover.

Rhabdo risk
Meet the boogeyman of the fitness industry.

The mass appeal of SARMs
Exploring the contentious subject in more depth.

Show coverage
Arnold Classic Africa, WFF Pretoria Classic Pro-Am, IFBB Millennium Gold Plate.

Last rep
Views on all things bodybuilding.

All the news on both the local and international bodybuilding scene.

M.E We answer all your training and nutrition related questions.

What Muscle Evolution readers have to say.

We look into the science behind bodybuilding and bring you the facts

Informative columns from the biggest names in South African bodybuilding


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