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Chris Bishop
This is the hardest column I have ever had to write in 36 years of journalism. I knew this column would come one day – I just didn’t want to think about it. For the last six-and-a-half years FORBES AFRICA has been my life, my working week and ... Read more
Forbes Africa
The Capitalist Tool


Bank On Me
Adrian Gore made his name in health and is now launching a bank. It’s a business that brought in $6.5 billion over 25 years of risk...

The Corporate Slippery Slope
Greed is insidious. Companies throw away principles for profit; others get in bed with politicians; and others risk it all to maintain values. It can kill your business and ruin lives...

You Can’t Rely On Anything Or Anyone
Entrepreneurs born or made? Make your own money or find a job? These are questions that Africa needs to find the answer to – and quick...

From Community Theater To The World Stage
Terry Pheto learned the art of storytelling from her grandmother. Now she stars in some of Hollywood’s biggest stories...

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From late night snacks to snapping millions
Investors may have overlooked Africa’s gaming industry, but Evan and Shaz Greenwood haven’t. They’ve found a lucrative digital sweet spot in Africa’s gaming industry.

The fortune and fury behind African Film
Nollywood is a massive industry in Nigeria but movie producers are losing money while criminals lurking in the shadows are making a quick buck.

The 60-year-old industrialist
Michael Manaka was inspired to become an entrepreneur after a dream. Despite his age, he vows to continue building his machines, and his business.

The chef who cooked for Beyonce in Paris
It is said that you should never trust a skinny chef. Wandile Mabaso is not fat, but he’s cooked in Paris and is making cooking an art.

The war cameraman who saw gold in shells
This is the story of Brian Green who gave up the danger of war for the sweet satisfaction of turning a rundown nothing into something.

Back home and hungry
After spending most of his career in Europe, Steven Pienaar is once again playing in South Africa. Although no longer playing on the global stage, he still gets nervous.

We've all had one, Africa's top executives tell us about theirs.

360 A round-up of the latest news from across the African continent.

Arts and culture stories from around the continent.

Eyewitness stories that have defined Africa.

From Olympics to Soccer to Boxing.

What sectors and countries to invest in and to stay away from.


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