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November 2017

Chris Bishop
Parsimony. In layman’s terms it is a kind way of saying someone is watching the pennies, or a polite way of saying they are stingy. Maybe it is a word that everyone in business should think about in these crazy, and often scary, times for the world... Read more
Forbes Africa
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Lessons And Ideas By The 100 Greatest Business Minds
To celebrate a magazine that has always championed the power of the individual, we have amassed what we believe to be the greatest ever collection of business essayists — 100 entrepreneurs...

Night Of The Century
It was a bountiful night of billionaires, worth trillions. They partied like it was 1999, according to the New York papers, a hark back to when the economy was thriving...

The Bottling Outpost Of The Buffett Billions
At the Forbes 100th anniversary party, the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett, the second richest man on earth worth more than $80 billion, took center stage before a huge crowd in New York...

The Southern Slug Fest
Several people want to run Africa’s most developed economy and it’s going to get rough. The race for power has never been this fiercely contested...

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Print Money?
Why would you start a business in a dying industry? Just ask Alexander Knieps.

Chickens And Clothes On The Way To A Business Empire
Alexander Chika Okafor is a multimillionaire with a finger in many businesses, from construction and mining to oil and gas exploration. It all started when he was a boy.

Who Will Be The Best Of The Best
Aesthetics, ergonomics, fuel consumption, environmental friendliness and value for money will all play a role in deciding the South African Car of the Year.

Jumping The Corporate Ship
Many people go to work, going through the same routine day in and day out, yearning to become an entrepreneur.

The Grounded Super Eagle Who Wants To Fly To The Next World Cup
Fiery midfielder Sone Aluko is a frustrated African international who believes he’s good enough to play for Nigeria at the World Cup in Russia next year.

A Slice Of Africa In India
Almost four hours before sunrise in Cape Town, another coastal town, 7,000kms away, in Kerala in south India, wakes up to the sights and sounds of dawn.

We've all had one, Africa's top executives tell us about theirs.

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Arts and culture stories from around the continent.

Eyewitness stories that have defined Africa.

From Olympics to Soccer to Boxing.

What sectors and countries to invest in and to stay away from.


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