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Nov/Dec 2017
FREQUENCY: Bi-monthly

Pedro Van Gaalen
Got grit..? The dictionary definition of grit (n) is - ‘courage and resolve; strength of character.’ I don’t think that definition does this powerful personality trait justice, though. In my line of work I get to meet and speak to many o... Read more
Fitness (His Edition)
Live Life Looking Great


Holiday bodyweight blast
Maintain your gains, anywhere and any time is real...

Compensation hunger
The struggle...

Cover Profile
Three time WBFF World Champion AJ Ellison...

Functional protein-fortified foods
The rise of highly bioavailable protein-enriched products...

Beach-worthy abs
Your roadmap to a chiselled midsection...

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Male fixation
Monique Lopes.

Protein power up!
Protein-packed chocolate cake.

Crank up your cardio
Transform your body into a fat-incinerating furnace.

What happens when you stop exercising?

CrossFit column
The importance of strength symmetry.

Form first
Challenge yourself with the overhead kettlebell squat.

Body quirks during exercise
Strange things your body does and how to take immediate steps to fix them.

CNS recovery
Is this the missing link in your ability to make gains?

Get your grooming game on point this summer.

Gym gear
Xmas gift guide special – go ahead, spoil yourself.

The secret to super-fast results

The best whey forward.

The latest supplements on the market

The latest gear

Get all your health & fitness questions answered.

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