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October 2017

Chris Bishop
Now We Fight FORWARD - It was a strange place to see the name of an African city. I felt an equally strange nostalgia for the milk of human kindness that appears to be running all over the world. The name of Mtwara in Tanzania, a port near the border... Read more
Forbes Africa
The Capitalist Tool


Batten down the hatches
Private money could take the hardest hit from plans for free health for all. What shape is the private health business in to stand up to this...

There may be violence at the end of it all
After the Supreme Court in Kenya annulled the re-election of Uhuru Kenyatta as president, there are fears that the hostility in the East African country will only be intensified...

Caffeine boost for Africa's economy
From crop to cup, Africa is benefiting from a burgeoning global coffee culture...

The Day the world black turned
Forty years ago, pain and devastation befell black journalism in South Africa. They called it Black Wednesday. Joe Thloloe was a features writer at The World at the time...

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The Taxi Tumult
An industry responsible for moving most of Africa’s people is heading for even more strife. Taxi owners, and the commuters who rely on them, are going to suffer.

A Night To Remember
On October 9 it’ll be 55 years since Uganda became independent after nearly 70 years of colonial rule. Forbes Africa founding editor Chris Bishop looks back...

Government Isn’t Motivated By High Profits
President Yoweri Museveni speaks to CNBC Africa’s George Ndirangu from the Uganda’s capital, Kampala, about the country’s successes and challenges.

On The Road To A Green Future
In Uganda, a college project that led to ‘Africa’s ¬ first electric car’ is now an automobile start-up on course to mass-produce green vehicles for Africa.

THE Missionary That Built A Business Empire
Ian Clarke left Northern Ireland to join a missionary in Uganda. Decades later, he has a business empire that includes clinics, construction, education and a hotel.

If Hunger Can’t Inspire You, Nothing Can
The extreme poverty Amos Wekesa grew up with pushed him to earn $6 million a year with his tour companies.

The Cool Shoes Fired Up A Dream
They had no sneakers as kids, now Andrew Lale, and his business partner Theo Baloyi, are making thousands of them – and demand is growing.

I Tried To Make It Beautiful & Young
It is rarely boring for the man who makes a living drawing famous people and posting their portraits to them.

The Winner Who Defied Death Fights For The Holy Grail
Neil Tovey is the only South African captain to lift an African Cup of Nations trophy. The former defender, who is lucky to be alive, wants to revive the national team.

We've all had one, Africa's top executives tell us about theirs.

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Arts and culture stories from around the continent.

Eyewitness stories that have defined Africa.

From Olympics to Soccer to Boxing.

What sectors and countries to invest in and to stay away from.


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