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September 2017

Chris Bishop
Forbes 100 – Let’s Celebrate A Century of A Business Idea Born In Africa... Anyone who knows me will tell it takes a lot to stun me into silence. You could argue talking and commenting are sharp tools of my trade, as an editor, that I like to ... Read more
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Bitcoin Blockchain And Billions
If you don’t know about Bitcoin and blockchain, you should – especially if you want to accumulate wealth in Africa. Bitcoin is the virtual currency challenging governments...

Why grovel to venture capitalists or deal with regulators of public markets when you can attach a token to your idea and have speculators throw money at it...

The Case Of The First Lady With The Whipcord Who Walked Free
Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Grace Mugabe, has once again caused consternation in a foreign country. This time, her actions left South Africans debating who is eligible for diplomatic immunity...

Falling and Fading into history
The stores of Africa are struggling; to the south more than a century of selling history disappeared into thin air; in the east there are closures and angry workers...

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The Grime That Comes With Crime
Having a criminal record for a less serious offence which occurred years ago should not be used to bar someone from gainful employment today.

Nailed By Imposters
Having your identity stolen can lead to debt, being barred from a bank, married to a person you’ve never met, or worse – arrest.

Should Africa Ditch Ubuntu?
Corneille Karekezi, Chief Executive Officer of Africa Re, thinks the continent needs to reconsider how it looks at the insurance industry.

An Ill Wind Blowing Nobody Any Good
Dithering and delay are leading to bitter, unintended consequences of a bright government energy policy in Africa that is likely to end in tears and job losses.

Stuff The Money, Forget About Witchcraft – It’s raining beer
They call it black metal. Pounding, grinding and clanging music. On a sweaty night in Pretoria, Africans storm one of the bastions of white music.

Battling Giants
Clarifai’s image-recognition AI can go toe-to-toe with those of Google, IbM and Microsoft. Now the startup must fight to stay competitive.

Back Once I've Scored This Goal
Like many sports, hockey is becoming a story of rich man, poor man. One of the world’s biggest tournaments was held in Africa...

A Concept Car That Captivates
The Lexus LC 500 drew gasps when its designs were revealed; taking the car on the road lives up to its promise.

An Awesome, Awkward, African Night
In contemporary literary circles, it turned out to be a bizarre winter evening with the Kenyan writer and gay activist, Binyavanga Wainaina.

We've all had one, Africa's top executives tell us about theirs.

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Arts and culture stories from around the continent.

Eyewitness stories that have defined Africa.

From Olympics to Soccer to Boxing.

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