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August 2017

Chris Bishop
The Day Mandela Was After My Blood... I hate how fashionable it has become, especially among the young, to knock Nelson Mandela for the way he negotiated a future for, at the time, Africa’s biggest economy. I have heard them all down the years, ... Read more
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A Dirty Job That Made A Poor Man Filthy Rich
Siaw wanted to become a pilot or a marine engineer, but ended up selling school books on the street. He made his fortune from what everyone else didn’t want – with the help of tricycles from China...

Ray Roars To The End
Phiri had just launched his solo career this year. Many who wanted to hear him play live are bereft...

Slaves To Debt: Oh, What We Owe!
Debt is one of the insidious epidemics of 21st century Africa. Others borrow money to pay debts or pick which creditor to pay this month. It can kill your business and ruin your life...

The High Price Of Addiction
Drug and alcohol problems seem to be increasing in Africa but treatment is often scarce and steep...

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The Waste Of Doctors Waiting On Tables And Answering Phones
Qualified young doctors struggle to find work in wards that need them more than ever. It has left one of Africa’s largest public health systems hanging by a thread.

The Small Town Of The Super Rich
The small Nigerian town of Nnewi has more naira billionaires per capita than anywhere else in the country.

BOOM! Come Out Fighting
The property boom in a small spot of Johannesburg’s inner city has led to tension between residents and developers.

‘It’s A Shambles’
They’re calling it the last nail in the coffin. Africa’s biggest mining nation is in turmoil over Mining Charter III – a new document aiming for more black ownership.

A Promise Kept Through Tears Of Grief
They called him the man with the green blanket. Forefront, negotiating with the police who wanted the striking miners to leave the hill they gathered on.

How the West Was Won
Despite making a series of smash-hit games for its home Asian market, NCSoft has struggled to translate to America...

Without Money There’s No Love
Across Africa, wealthy men are willing to spend vast sums just to spend time with a woman who otherwise wouldn’t give them the time of day.

The Day Football Crossed To Business
In this money- mad game, many of these stars will earn more than £300,000 a week. Once upon a time it was £20 and that was your lot.

Wanting To Make a Racquet At The Olympics
Prakash Vijayanath is trying to balance badminton, studying and making money. His long-term goal is the Olympics and this is why he diarizes every hour of every week.

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