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Jul/Aug 2017
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Pedro Van Gaalen
Dealing with disappointment... Six months, 2,067.13km, and 168h08m43s. That’s what I invested into training for the 2017 Comrades marathon. It’s more training than most, but far from the upper end of what many serious runners dedicate to achie... Read more
Fitness (His Edition)
Live Life Looking Great


Strongman workout
It may be time that you and your barbell went on a break...

Work out, freeze, repeat
Whole body cryotherapy offers a quick, convenient, effective and extreme form of cold therapy...

Full-body dumbbell complex
Improve strength and fitness...

Don’t ignore your body’s natural warning signs...

How much protein is enough?
Deciphering the protein consumption code...

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Form first
Challenge yourself with the shrimp squat.

We feature Jacques Fagan, current IFBB Platinum League points leader.

Training guide
The muscle-up is considered to be the greatest show of strength and technique.

Gut microbes
The role of bacteria on your health.

Male fixation
Logan Coleman.

Endurance column
Build pro-level strength.

CrossFit column
Competitive season in full swing.

Squat myth busted!

Smell the performance boost
Are glucose and caffeine nasal sprays an effective alternative to ingesting these ergogenic aids?

Show coverage
All the latest action from the competitive physique stage.

The secret to super-fast results

The best whey forward.

The latest supplements on the market

The latest gear

Get all your health & fitness questions answered.

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