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May/Jun 2017
FREQUENCY: Bi-monthly

Pedro Van Gaalen
The mind muscle... I’ve written a great deal over the previous few editions about the power and influence of the mind on performance. My research and my own experimentation has taken me down this proverbial worm hole as I discovered just how piv... Read more
Fitness (His Edition)
Live Life Looking Great


Back attack
Row your way to a bigger, better back...

Get good at everything
Develop all-round functional fitness and strength...

The Florida effect
The power of priming on performance...

Five health hacks
How to instantly improve your health...

Cover profile
We chat to Arnold Classic winner Ryan Terry...

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Stay ahead of injury
Why a proactive approach to body maintenance is your best defence against biomechanical issues.

Five ways you’re fast-tracking injury
What are the costs for physique and performance-oriented goals?

Whey flavour revolution
Whey protein is, without a doubt, the most competitive product category in the supplement market.

Male fixation
Janna Breslin.

Training guide
Add serious size with the hang clean and press.

Endurance column
Buying time is expensive.

Split decision
Is full-body training more effective than split routines at building muscle?

Foundation of performance
Train movements, not muscles for the ultimate performance boost.

Protein power up
Cinnamon protein rolls.

Show coverage
All the latest action from the competitive physique stage.

The secret to super-fast results

The best whey forward.

The latest supplements on the market

The latest gear

Get all your health & fitness questions answered.

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