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February 2017

Chris Bishop
The Legacy Of The Grumpy And Reluctant Teacher - In business and life we sometimes forget how powerful the forces of unintended consequences can be. I think, in these dark days of thugs, bullies, extremism and fascism, we must hang on to the power of... Read more
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The Stings That Make Elephants Fly
In the village of Gazini, elephants leave destruction, dung and huge footprints. That was until two entrepreneurs created a buzz to stop the tusked raiders in their tracks...

VBS Mutual Bank
It may be a small bank but it will be remembered for lending always to the big man...

It Is Bond Belief
How much is a piece of paper worth? Zimbabwe is trying to find out in the worst of times...

Africa’s Billionaires
African billionaire fortunes have declined on the new FORBES list of the continents richest...

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The Schoolboy Who Teaches Boxers a Lesson
There are few boxers in the world who worry as much about a di¬fficult maths exam as they do about a world title fight; one of them is 20-year-old sensation from SA...

‘People Refused To Come And Meet Me Because I Am Indian’
It was a 7,559-kilometer journey from India to the heart of Africa through tough times, hatred and taxes.

From Gourmet Doughnuts To Grand Deals
Edose Ohen quit his job as an IT manager to open a doughnut shop. It set him on the path to starting his own internet company.

The Charlatan Who’s No Longer Taking Calls
Thulani Khoza wove a wonderful web of lies and scores of journalists listened. He spoke of his plan to build a smartphone and he won an award.

The Coffin Shame Of A Land Where Racism Lives
The case of two men accused of forcing their neighbour into a coffin, with threats of burning him alive, has divided South Africa & exposed its dark underbelly of racism.

The Criminal World Of Dog Eat Dog
Dog fighting is a crime that is increasing in South Africa and is used to turn youngsters into criminals.

The Sad End Of The Millionaire Princess
Named as one of Africa’s most powerful young women, Valentina Guebuza lost her life tragically and too soon.

‘Our Strength Lies In Coming Together'
Kenya's Amina Mohamed could be the new Chairperson of the African Union Commission. The Cabinet Secretary for Foreign A¬ airs and International Trade in Kenya...

Hardened Target
Never mind Trump’s tweets. Lockheed Martin will continue to thrive, because for the Pentagon and politicians alike...

We've all had one, Africa's top executives tell us about theirs.

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