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NOV/DEC 2016
FREQUENCY: Bi-monthly

Pedro Van Gaalen
Focus on efforts, not outcomes... Ah, the end of the year. Bring on the self-improvement platitudes; the hollow New Year’s resolutions; the well-intentioned yet often meaningless promises we make to ourselves to be better humans over the next 12... Read more
Fitness (His Edition)
Live Life Looking Great


Lower ab assault
Upgrade your paltry 4 pack to a beach-ready 6 pack...

Biohack your life
The modern-day approach to indivualised performance enhancement and improved aesthetics...

One-move workout
The Turkish Get-Up, one of the most functional strength exercises around...

Tips to build more muscle
Follow our 30 basic tips to scultp the body you want...

Blast through your plateau
Strategies to rev up your stuttering engine in the gym...

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Cover profile
Wayne Coetzee’s rise to the top of the fitness world.

A real pain in the neck
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Strong arm tactics
Use 21s to boost the intensity of your arm workouts.

Exercise guide
Barbell wrist curls – give your forearms some much-needed attention.

Learn to suffer
Putting ‘endure’ back into endurance.

The importance of shoe rotation
Cultivating a functional shoe collection.

L-Carnitine injectables
The potent fat-loss shot in the arm you’ve been waiting for

Citrulline Malate
Get more firepower in the gym.

Festive feasting!
Add some festive flavour to your holiday meals, without the guilt.

Dietary cycling
The benefits of cycling macronutrients and calorie intakes.

The secret to super-fast results

The best whey forward.

The latest supplements on the market

The latest gear

Get all your health & fitness questions answered.

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