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November 2016 issue Volume 8 No. 83

Nawaal Nolwazi Mdluli
The War On Sweeties... As the year winds down, we are bombarded with festive messaging for the holidays. While it can be tempting to give in to your children’s cries for junk food, it is important to remember that everything you feed them will h... Read more
Parenting… Your Way!


My Happy Ever After
Twenty-year-old Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong allows Kati Dijane into the part of her world that is far removed from scripts, make-up and rolling cameras...

Universally Understood
In as much as it is crucial to teach children about their rights, for them to know their responsibilities is also vital. Bulelwa Mokori speaks to child experts who argue that it is not so difficult...

Preparing The Perineum
Cathrine Versfeld is a mother of five children who has experienced childbirth in just about every possible form. Natural, episiotomy, epidural and caesar... she’s been there! She shares some advice...

Early Entrance
It is difficult to prepare for the birth of any baby, let alone a premature one. Cathrine Versfeld advises parents on how to get through the first few months...

Sleep Expectations For A New Parent
Mary Moore helps new parents understand their baby’s sleep rhythms...

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Labelling Nasties
When you haven’t made it yourself, how do you really know what’s in your child’s food? Peta Daniel advises what to look out for in the products you buy for your children.

5 Ways Master Work-Home Balance
Looking for better ways to cope with life is a wise decision, because looking after yourself is an investment in how you are able to care for your loved ones.

Diabetes: The Underestimated Threat
It’s easy to understand why any parent receiving a diabetes diagnosis for their child would feel like their world has imploded. Yet if we look at the statistics...

Cytomegalovirus In Pregnancy
Cathrine Versfeld shines the light on cytomegalovirus during pregnancy, which is far more common than most people realise...

Talk Is Far From Cheap
In fact, it is essential to human development from birth onwards, say Loren Stow...

Padding Up
A well-fitting bra is a must, even more so when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Peta Daniel asks the experts what women should consider when buying a maternity bra...

Hydrops Fetalis
Hydrops fetalis is a life-threatening problem of severe oedema in the foetus and newborn. Melissa Jane Cook looks at the causes and diagnosis of this frightening.

When Pregnancy Is A Threat
Pregnancy is a joyful, exciting and wondrous experience. But, from the doctor’s perspective, it can also be seen as a potentially life-threatening condition...

The Gift Of Knowing Beforehand
The joy of bringing a baby into the world can often be clouded by worry about what genetic disorders you’re likely to pass on to your child. Thina Mthembu asks...

Dating As A Single Parent
Many people find themselves forging their way through life as single parents, with some having given up on the idea of happily ever after. Dr Sumayya Ebrahim takes...







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