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NOV/DEC 2016
FREQUENCY: Alt Monthly

Werner Beukes
Koppe stamp... When I was playing rugby I had a huge chip on my shoulder. The other props I played against were always heavier and more mobile with the ball. My belief that I had to live up to expectations of my coach and fellow players ignited th... Read more
Muscle Evolution
South Africa's no.1 bodybuilding magazine


Moves for monstrous legs
Build quads like SA champ Awonke Ngoma ...

L-Carnitine injectables
Is it the edge you have been waiting for...

The Ultimate Adonis
Iron Mike becomes SA’s number one...

The big fatigue fighter
Get more firepower with Citrulline Malate...

Passion was what he lived for
A tribute to bodybuilding visionary Marco Rossi...

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An above average Mr. Olympia
Why the 2016 Mr. Olympia made such an indelible mark on the industry.

Fishing for gains
Enter the anti-inflammation zone.

The great balancing act
Power up with compounds, refine with isolation.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
A condition you most likely are not familiar with, but should be.

Getting your ratios right
The benefits of cycling macros and calorie intakes.

The will to win at all costs
How SA champs pushed harder to make their dreams reality.

A bad night’s sleep
Sleep apnea and its impact on performance.

Meet Muscle Evolution Babe Shannon Cornell
Durban’s drop dead gorgeous knockout.

Bodybuilder Bongani Myaka’s road to success
How he achieved victory despite life’s challenges.

Testicular atrophy
A closer look at the effects of steroids on male fertility.

All the news on both the local and international bodybuilding scene.

M.E We answer all your training and nutrition related questions.

What Muscle Evolution readers have to say.

We look into the science behind bodybuilding and bring you the facts

Informative columns from the biggest names in South African bodybuilding


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