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September 2016 issue Volume 8 No. 81

Nawaal Nolwazi Mdluli
Sweet Spring Flowers... Where has the year gone? We are already in September and thinking about December holiday and Christmas shopping. I am not complaining; I just wish it would slow down a little so that I can immerse myself in my daughter’s ... Read more
Parenting… Your Way!


Two Cultures, One Future
Kati Dijane talks to radio and television news anchor, Vabakshnee Chetty-Miller, about her passion for the world of journalism, her two-year marriage to Geoff Miller and their baby on the way...

A Chemical Infertility
Melissa Jane Cook looks at how xenoestrogens and other environmental factors can affect our fertility and ability to conceive...

Preparing For An Unmedicated Birth
What is the best way to go about preparing for a labour and birth free from any medicinal interventions? Melissa Jane Cook find out...

The Intricacies Of A Toddler’s Appetite
Toddlers are notorious for refusing to eat, throwing tantrums about the vegetables dished up for them, or demonstrating a seriously picky palate. Fulvia Stoltz interviewed expert dieticians...

Trimester Sleep Advice
It is critical that everyone gets enough sleep under normal circumstances, but pregnancy brings a few challenges when trying to catch a few zzz’s. Cathrine Versfeld provides great tips...

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A Guide To Your Preemie’s Eye Care
One major area of development at risk for premature babies is their eyesight, says Loren Stow. While the most common condition associated with prematurity...

Make Oral Health Fun!
Loren Stow has looked high and low, near and far, to source the best ways to make brushing teeth fun for little ones because, let’s face it; if it’s fun half the battle.

Introducing Nature To Your Preschooler
Spring is a great time to get out into nature and teach your children about social and natural biodiversity.

Co-Sleeping & Your Relationship
Bringing a baby into the marital bed may be considered acceptable, for a specific period. But what if your child is still coming between you and partner after this stage?

Beating Pregnancy Backache
Peta Daniel investigates what exactly causes back pain during pregnancy and how to find some much needed relief...

The Truth About Adhd
ADHD is one of the buzz words of the last 10 to 15 years. So many untruths have been circulated about ADHD and its effects on children and their parents or teachers.

Surrogacy: Changing Lives
Advocate Veerash Srikison cautions couples to consider the legal implications and underlying risks of having a child through surrogacy...

A Holitistic Approach To Infertility
Dr Antonio Rodrigues explains how using all the resources available can reverse the underlying causes of infertility...

Parental Instinct
The co-founders of Parental Instinct Pty (Ltd) kids’ clothing brand, Christopher Baff and Paddy Mulhoon, share what drives them to create a unique product and be forward.

Family Holidays Can Be Fun For All!
Going on holiday with small children can be a nightmare – or a quality family experience. The key to success is how you plan the trip...







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