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August 2016 issue Volume 8 No. 80

Nawaal Nolwazi Mdluli
80 Milestone Moments... We can’t quite believe it’s nearly the time to celebrate a new season. But before we do, brace yourselves for the colder weather that usually comes in August. The upside to this is the winter sales and specials, where s... Read more
Parenting… Your Way!


Deeply Rooted In Family
Muvhango’s Mona Monyane is family-oriented and excited about building one of her own with her fiancé, Khulu Skenjana. She is also passionate about uplifting women in society by sharing...

Wired In The Womb
Scientists say experiences in the womb influence how your child will experience life after birth. Cathrine Versfeld investigated...

The Natural Caesarean
Is there a gentler way for mother and baby to experience a caesarean birth? The answer is a resounding yes, says Loren Stow...

I Smell Colours
Synethesia can involve any of the senses, where one sense is perceived as another. Cathrine Versfeld examines this extraordinary condition...

Stem Cell Storage: Is It Worth It?
Melissa Jane Cook delves into the world of science and medicine, as she investigates the pros and cons for umbilical cord blood and tissue storage...

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The Reproductive Rights Of Women
In Africa, having many children has customarily been considered a gift of divine favour. Bulelwa Mokori looks at the changing paradigms of modern or urban African women.

Pregnancy Stripes
Have you earned your pregnancy stripes? Peta Daniel talks to skin experts about what moms can expect and how to take care of their skin during this important time...

Pregnancy Peer Pressure
Knowing if and when you are ready to have a baby is difficult enough without the influence of family and friends.

Potty Training Q&A
Despite the cost of nappies and the lingering odour of the nappy bin, potty training is not something many parents face with confidence.

Fitting In Your Family Pet
Asking for a pet is par for the preschooler course. Animal behaviourist Peta Daniel investigates the benefits and responsibilities involved...

The Breast Things In Life Are Free
Cathrine Versfeld takes a closer look why mother’s milk is the perfect feeding choice, as well as the effects of breastfeeding on a woman’s body...

Scary, Scary Night
Bad dreams and nightmares disturb everyone’s sleep occasionally. Mary Moore treads into the world of night terrors...

A Legacy Of Learning
Nelson Mandela’s concern for one child was just as important as his concern for the nation. Bulelwa Mokori explores his life journey with the children...

Securing An Hpv-Free Future
Bulelwa Mokori talks to the experts about the status of the rollout of the HPV vaccination in South Africa...

Letting Go
All babies go through a clingy stage. Mary Moore helps parents to understand why and how they can best deal with a baby that doesn’t let go...







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