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August 2016

Nawaal Nolwazi Mdluli
Evenly Yoked Progressive Women... Women’s Day in South Africa is marked by women’s breakfasts, networking sessions, church gatherings and even charitable outreaches that empower women nationally. It is a time to gather and celebrate the beaut... Read more
Essays of Africa
A Woman’s Journey


In Nunu’s World
She’s already made a name for herself, but Facebook’s Nunu Ntshingila is more than just her brilliance. She is also a woman of strength, beauty and grace...

Better Orgasms With Yoni Eggs!
For a body part that we claim is so special and sensitive, we don’t give our vaginas much attention. Here’s how you can show yourself some love with yoni eggs...

The World Needs You!
Many women dance to the rhythm of a song that is not their own. In her first article of a three-part series, TARYN LITTLE encourages you to re-ignite your little-girl dreams...

How’s Your Relationship With Yourself?
The relationship we have with ourselves is one of the most important relationships to nurture. How long has it been since you had counselling – with yourself...

A Woman On The Move
Mpume Langa is the first African woman to be a Head of Private Banking in Absa and she’s the Chairperson of Business Woman’s Association KwaZulu-Natal...

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The Boob Connection
Everybody knows ‘breast is best’, but how does the process of breastfeeding work to foster the bond between mother and child?

Then And Now: Wathint’Abafazi Wathint’imbokodo
August marks 60 years since the iconic anti-apartheid Women’s March. EOA reflects upon the struggle for equality and looks at how women are fairing today...

A Woman Of Many Talents
Dr Lulu Gwagwa has had a successful career in town planning, spanning over decades. These days she is also delving into the world of literature.

The Benefits Of Being A Present Partner
Working hard at being loving and present partners for your wife seems like a great gift to her, but the truth is it’s a gift for the man too...

Know Your Body Inside Out
You probably know how often you can go between manicures, hair cuts and bikini waxes, but it’s harder to remember when you’re due for certain health screening.

The Secret Weapon Of Successful People
Navigating the working world can be stressful and filled with moments of uncertainty. But with professionalism as your secret weapon, you will come out tops...

Shining The Spotlight On Forgotten Communities
Giving back to the community is what drives Nokwazi LaShongwe Ndzimandze’s Eve-Empowered network, and having supporters join in along the way adds to the success.

I Survived Cancer, Twice
Karen Rice thought her cancer diagnosis signalled the end for her. What she didn’t know was it heralded the beginning of a new era...

In Celebration Of Women
As we celebrate Women’s Month, Reverend TK Khumalo pays homage to the women in his life and the world over...

Choosing The Right Car For You
Choosing which car to buy is an involved process. Here are some top tips help you answer the age-old question of ‘which car is right for me?’

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