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July 2016 issue Volume 8 No. 79

Nawaal Nolwazi Mdluli
Burn Season Alert! We show excitement and praise our children for the small and big milestones they achieve. Sitting, walking, dressing and helping out around the house evoke favourable responses from parents, who take the greatest pleasure in tic... Read more
Parenting… Your Way!


Thembeka Maseko: Redefining A Family
Climbing the corporate ladder while building a family has proven to be a challenge for most women, but it’s a strong support system that makes it all possible as Thembeka Maseko proves...

Eating For Breastfeeding
Melissa Jane Cook speaks to the experts about effective eating habits for new moms in preparation for and during breastfeeding...

Nappy Changes Made Easier
A wriggling or uncooperative baby can complicate necessary tasks such as bathing and dressing. Nicky Manson suggests a few ideas that may help you master the art of nappy changing...

Is Bigger Always Better?
The bigger a baby at birth, the better their outcomes are for healthy growth and development, right? But can a baby be born too big? Loren Stow takes a look at foetal macrosomia...

Bizarre First Trimester Symptoms 

The first three months can be a glorious time of planning and preparation, but it can also present challenges nobody ever told you about. Mother of five, Cathrine Versfeld, sifts through your FAQs...

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Expecting The Unexpected
There is more to newborns than meets the eye. Cathrine Versfeld exposes the strange and unexpected things that new parents might not have been warned about...

Life Behind The Controls
Gaming is par for the course in our techno world, with many dads in particular enjoying time behind the controls. Educational psychologist Claire Maher advises parents...

Hormonal Happiness
It may sound over-simplified, but Loren Stow confirms that happy hormones really do lead to a happy life...

Making Sense Of Money
Introducing the concept of money to children can be a fun experience for families. Mary Moore suggests ways in which parents can help their child understand how money...

24 Must-Know Parenting Hacks
Peta Daniel asks around for some unconventional advice that can help you survive your troublesome toddler...

Conquer The Shame Of Pnd
This Mental Health Awareness Month we look at postnatal depression and the effects it has on a parent’s loved ones. By Melissa Jane Cook...

The Intricacies Of A Toddler’s Appetite
Toddlers are notorious for refusing to eat, throwing tantrums about the vegetables dished up for them, or demonstrating a seriously picky palate...

The Change Of Life
Zoleka Mandela explores the symptoms of early menopause and suggests ways to enhance a depleted sex drive caused by this change initiated by various female cancers...

Are You Worried About Umbilical Hernias?
As common as they are, many parents still worry when they see their baby with a protruding belly button. What could be the cause? DR DAD takes a closer look...

Juggling Ibs And Pregnancy
With so much going on in your pregnancy, could IBS be another condition to add to your worry list?







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