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June 2016 issue Volume 8 No. 78

Nawaal Nolwazi Mdluli
Strong Fathers Raise Strong Daughters... Some losses are just that. They call for silence to feel the pain, nothingness to fill the void. There are no poems in my heart. No songs are heard, not even a hymn. A son of Africa has fallen. Dr Herman Ne... Read more
Parenting… Your Way!


A Legacy Of Kings
From the land of the Zulu royal family to playing royalty on stage and screen, Andile Gumbi has much to celebrate as he becomes a father for the first time. Loren Stow catches up with Andile...

Top Secret: My Vagina Leaks!
Far from occurring in polite conversations, the subject of vaginal discharge, although natural and real, never gets a mention. Cathrine Versfeld provides the low-down on this mysterious...

Tone Down The Free Advice
Women have a knack for offering unsolicited advice, especially when the topics are men, pregnancy and child-rearing. Cathrine Versfeld says what you may not be able to say… enough is enough...

Together Apart
First comes the engagement ring, then the wedding ring and then for some, comes the suffering. Do we push through and make it work or do we follow the latest trend of staying together...

Are You Raising Superheroes Or Villains?
Cops and Robbers, Spider-man and the Green Goblin, Cowboys and Indians. Our children’s young lives are filled with games and stories about good versus bad, or good triumphing against evil...

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Nicotine Effects On Fertility & Pregnancy
We know that smoking is bad for us and bad for our children too, but did you know that smoking might affect your ability to even have a child? Whether from a past habit.

Post-Baby Satisfaction
When the baby comes, the marriage goes… Melissa Jane Cook looks at the satisfaction levels of men and women after the first year of having a baby and why these differ...

High Alert!
Sameerah Karolia looks at how we can help children who are victim to parental drug addiction...

Executive Functions & Your Child’s Brain
“Executive function is the brain wrestling with its emotions”… Cathrine Versfeld investigates how these processes can be developed in your preschooler...

The C-Tuck Trend: Diva Or Dangerous?
Some women may find it appealing to welcome their new baby into the world, while simultaneously undergoing cosmetic surgery to deliver them from their ‘pregnancy-shape’.

Is My Breastmilk Enough?
Not having enough breast milk is a common fear amongst new moms. Cathrine Versfeld explored the dilemma of new moms' babies demand more than their breasts can supply...

Route 62 To Touwsberg
If you’re still looking for a way to spoil the dads this Father’s Day, it isn’t too late to plan a meander down the longest wine route in the Western Cape to Touwsberg...

Effects Of Cancer Treatment
Zoleka Mandela advises that follow-up care is essential in preventing or detecting other types of cancer at an earlier stage, as well as tackling on going problems...

Burns & Babies
Once mobile, your child’s curiosity knows no bounds and exploring their surroundings as they play with new objects can sometimes result in burn hazards...

10 Faqs You’re Too Embarrassed To Ask Your Gynae
It’s always better to go to your annual gynae exam prepared to facilitate a fairly quick ‘in and out’ exam...







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