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June 2016

Nawaal Nolwazi Mdluli
The Extra Mile Is Never Crowded... There is power in silence. So often when we impart to others, we teach them to speak. While this can be effective, the other side of the coin is also needed. There comes a time when words alone are not enough. Th... Read more
Essays of Africa
A Woman’s Journey


In The Land Of Azania
She’s made a name for herself as a radio and TV host, but there is a lot more to Azania Mosaka than meets the eye. She gives EOA a glimpse into who she is and how she got here...

Not Everyone Is Doing It, And That’s Okay!
It’s coming at you on TV. It’s spread across the pages of a glossy magazine. So much advertising is geared towards it. Yes, the pressure for women to be seen as sexual beings is everywhere...

Youthful, At Any Age
In a culture that worships youth, ageing can be viewed as something negative. EOA looks at the art of being youthful at any age...

Daddy’s Girl?
It seems that women can’t talk about their relationships without referencing the ones they have with their fathers – whether they’re healthy, unhealthy or non-existent...

Welcome To Ghana
Ghana is an exotic, colourful and challenging destination … offering the perfect holiday for type-A personalities and other stimulation junkies...

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Grooming Musical Talent
Velile Sithole shares what inspires her to help artists create soulful tunes that reach the airwaves and international stages...

Fathering The African Way
LOREN STOW examines how the roles of fathers are changing worldwide, and even more so in the African context...

A Call To Action!
The Legacy of South Africa’s Student Movements Remembered...

Healing Holistically
Dr Tracey Matube’s journey through the field of medicine has brought her to a place where healing is about more than just potions and prescriptions...

The Things No One Tells You About Buying A Home
When it comes to life advice, ‘buy a house!’ is right up there with ‘eat, sleep and exercise’. But buying your first home if you’re not prepared can leave you in a panic.

Reverend ‘Tk’ Khumalo, The Innerman
Meet Mzilikazi Themba Khumalo (46), a lawyer by training, a marketer by experience, a pastor by calling, and author and emerging filmmaker by passion...

Wanted: The Modern-Day Alpha Male
Are old-school Alpha males still walking among us – as confident and manly as they’ve ever been – or is there a new breed of Alpha male & how do we spot one in the wild.

What’s The Fuss About Gluten?
Celebrities and dieters around the world have jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon, but what is this revolution all about?

Shades Of Winter
We all have our favourite colours and often these spill over into our living space. Take a closer look at a few of the winning combinations that are turning up the heat.

I Hate My Job
An EOA reader shares how her job has created so much anxiety in her life, she dreads waking up every morning...

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