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May 2016 issue Volume 8 No. 77

Nawaal Nolwazi Mdluli
It’s Always Good To Be A Mother! Unless you are superhuman, you most likely still experience great fears and concerns about the special day on which you will become a mother. I think it is safe to say that most women have at some point in t... Read more
Parenting… Your Way!


Lulu Haangala: Passion, Purpose & Perseverence
Lulu Haangala was named for success. Christened Luyandolupatilwaleza, meaning ‘God’s Great Love’, this ambitious young woman has made it her life’s purpose to spread as much love...

Understanding Your Uif Benefits
Peta Daniel asks the experts to answer FAQ about how women can access their UIF benefits during their maternity leave...

10 Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me
Can we ever really be prepared for the act of giving birth? Nicky Manson takes a tongue-in-cheek look at some of things women wish they had known before heading into labour...

The Unattached Child
Loren Stow spoke to Pretoria-based counselling psychologist Anjenita Hugo to find out more about how attachment develops, or stalls, and what can be done about it...

The Entitled Child
Some children are overly demanding and needy, and if this behaviour is not checked or outgrown, Mary Moore suggests that a lifelong pattern can be formed which is detrimental to a child’s overall...

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Ending The War Between Siblings
One of the toughest challenges parents face when raising more than one child is the fighting.

Nip Bad Habits In The Bud
Niggling bad habits creep into your toddler’s behaviour for various reasons. Peta Daniel does the dirty work and examines these nasty habits and how to manage them...

12 Months Of Mommy & Baby Activities
Sometimes we are so focused on our baby’s growth and the meeting of developmental milestones that we forget to actually have fun with them. Cathrine Versfeld suggests...

Learning To Latch
Melissa Jane Cook speaks to Erica Neser, a lactation expert, about the importance of a proper latch for a beautiful breastfeeding experience and addresses your most...

The Iron Age
We always hear about the importance of iron and supplementation for anaemia, but can there be such a thing as too much iron intake?

Dyspraxia: Gift In Disguise
Fulvia Stolz talks to experts and parents to solve the question of what dyspraxia, a condition in which messages between the brain and the muscles don’t get through...

Protect Our Children
Sexual abuse has been as much a constant feature of South African schools as it has been of society in general. Bulelwa Mokori looks at what the country does to combat...

Worth The Wait
Peter Mapatha (42) tells how he and his wife kept their faith that they would have a second child, even after years of trying...

When Radiation Burns!
Zoleka Mandela looks at radiation burns caused by treatments used to shrink tumours...

The Rise Of The Paternal Instinct
Fumani Shilubana contemplates the mystery of the human condition as it pertains to parenting...







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