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April 2016 issue Volume 8 No. 76

Nawaal Nolwazi Mdluli
Think About Your Child’s Future... Who heads up the top companies in our nation, Africa and the world at large? Where are our girls? Where are the women? While we acknowledge the pivotal roles of both men and women in society, it is crucial that... Read more
Parenting… Your Way!


Completely Carmel
After an intimate and candid Q&A, it’s clear that actress, Carmel Fisher, is a woman who works hard, loves fiercely and dreams big. We caught up with Carmel as she enters the third trimester...

Unclipping The Wings Of Autism
Autism is one on a spectrum of disorders. With 2 April being World Autism Awareness Day, Melissa Jane Cook fleshes out the disorder and what is being done for those who have it...

Lights, Camera, Action!
Cathrine Versfeld explored the world of child actors in South Africa and found the adorable tot behind the character of little Karmen Meintjies in 7de Laan...

The Combination Vaccine
As part of the Global Vaccination Awareness Campaign, Nicky Manson explores the combination vaccine and why it gets such a bad rap...

The Stepping Stones Of Ecd
An urban child begins Grade One having spent an average of four or five years already receiving an early education, whereas a township child who has attended a typical crèche has essentially...

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Getting To Grips With Genetics
Parents hear a lot about genetics when planning a baby, but what should they know about heredity and that ‘one in a million’ case? Cathrine Versfeld deciphers the code.

PARENTECH – It’s A Matter Of Perspective
There is no getting away from it… wherever you look, whatever you do, and however you live, technology has become a major part of life.

Securing A Mixed-Race Future
The storage of your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells and tissue may be more important than you think, especially if your baby is mixed race.

The Latest Advances In Wearable Parenting Tech
More progress has been made in the last 10 years than in the 50 years before that, thanks to technology. These advances have infiltrated the pregnancy and baby market...

Child’s Play Is Serious Business
Your toddler at play is the personification of human development… offering a glimpse at the insatiable need of all human beings to learn and grow...

Understanding The Apgar
Is your child’s APGAR score a predictor of their successes or failures in the years to come? Nicky Manson finds out more...

Can Malaria Be A Possible Cancer Cure?
Zoleka Mandela explores the link between cancer and malaria...

Love In All The Wrong Places
There are a number of reasons why children are abandoned, says Fumani N. Shilubana. These can range from teenage pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy, poverty, absent fathers...

Making Sense Of Pap Tests
Cervical cancer is amongst the most common cancers in women primarily because women in developing countries don’t have proper access to cervical screening...

Tiny Healthy Teeth
Teaching your child good oral care at a young age is an investment that will have lifelong benefits. The best you can do is set an example by taking...







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