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July / August 2015
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Neels Geldenhuys
From the Editor HUNTEX 2015 We recently had the opportunity to exhibit at the annual HuntEx exhibition in Midrand, South Africa. With vision and brilliant strategic planning, the owner and organiser, Adriaan Woudstra, has grown this expo into t... Read more
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Elephant encounters
Seasoned PH Geoff Wainwright regales the reader with stories about his elephant encounters as a greenhorn while serving his apprenticeship with Zambia Safaris...

On target with Aimpoint
Aimpoint is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2015. Well known for its original design and manufacture of a wide range of optical red-dot sights, it has built up a reputation for superb quality...

A conservationist’s hunting principles
In order for hunting to stand its ground and be accepted we will have to have a watershed where hunters define themselves as conservationists and separate themselves from unethical and canned...

Hunting the trophy hippo
In the third part of this series, Benand Els discusses trophy-judging aspects such as measurement methods for Rowland Ward and SCI, determining sex, tusk length, and recovery and trophy care...

Shooting vintage shotguns today
The use of older and even very old shotguns is an area of heated debate among shooters. Andrew Tonkin takes a look at this not-so-simple matter, focusing on the British or Continental 12-bore...

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The Woodleigh Bullets Loading Manual
The latest manufacturer to offer a reloading manual of its own is Woodleigh Bullets from Australia, and they take a refreshingly different approach to things.

Thoughts of a hunter . . .
“It is the hunt that remains in my mind, not the final kill.” John Coleman shares his honest opinion about being a true hunter.

Just another day in Africa . . .
Cleve Cheney remembers a close encounter when Sabi Sand Game Reserve asked him to dart a lion with a snare on its leg.

Chiwore River Hunts, Zimbabwe, 1974
Owen Connor shares good hunting memories of yesteryear when he hunted in the Chiwore River area of Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley in 1974.

Evolution of scope reticles for the hunter
Chris Bekker discusses the differences between hold-over reticles and turrets and provides guidelines as to what to look out for in dangerous-game scopes.

Hunting in Africa? What you need to know
Following a bad experience, Canadian-based Dennis and Julie Hilling warns prospective hunters to Africa to make sure which airline carriers accept firearms on their flights.

An extraordinary hippo hunt, Rhodesia, 1974
Having captured 30 hippos from the Sabi River, Ron Thomson agreed to move a problem hippo, little knowing that he would be outsmarted by it.

Nature’s newsaper:
Qualified PH, guide and senior tracker Cleve Cheney shares the secrets of how to successfully track the secretive leopard.

Newspaper - Tracking the giants If you want to track elephant, be prepared to walk, and to walk far! Colin Patrick explains why.

Big-game hunters of yesteryear

another day in Africa . . . During Cleve Cheney’s time as a trails ranger in the Kruger National Park, he had contact with potentially dangerous animals on a daily basis.

South Africa's Most Proven and Experienced Outfitters

News about the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa

Interesting news, events and articles by the Big Bore Association of Southern Africa

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