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February/March 2015

Evans Manyonga
We are in an age where multitasking and thinking on our feet are the norm. We really do not have much time to reflect, self-congratulate and compliment, or even bask in past glories. If 2014 was an important year, then 2015 should be even more signif... Read more
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Generation Flux
In a world of rapid change and great uncertainty, the greatest competitive advantage of all may be at your very core...

The Tale of Two Steves
Apple co-founder Wozniak gives an account of what really happened in the early days of the company...

Is the Crowd Too Loud?
New York-based invention company, Quirky, became a star by sourcing ideas from the masses - but when it partnered with GE on the Aros air conditioner, its democratic ideal was tested...

Sam Berger: Boy Genius
A South African computer coder already has one successful app to his name and has been offered the position of chief technology officer—at the age of 13...

Being Benedict
Benedict Cumberbatch can't do it all, but he sure likes to try. Inside the Sherlock star's insane schedule - and how he prepped to play Alan Turing in The Imitation Game...

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Do we really need managers?
If you have strong, achievement-driven team members, you don’t require a manager for that team to excel.

Changing lanes
From Canada to Cape Town, from Corporate to Consulting: The lessons Ann Nurock has learnt.

To the beat of his own drum
How Jason Grishkoff turned a blog into a business.

Infrastructure, Lost and Found
In Moscow, Seattle and Shenzhen, crumbling architecture provides a blueprint for new development.

Shoes made for the man
The art of collaborative design makes Nike’s partnership with LeBron James a slam dunk.

Video games for grown-ups
With gamer demographics changing fast, ‘deep games’ offer cerebral, creative—and often offbeat—content.

Get smart
What connected devices must do to succeed beyond the 'Internet of Things' hype.

Don't worry, be happy
The solar-powered Millbug Vuya Tablet enables everyone to have the Internet at their fingertips - even in rural areas.

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