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March 2015

Simon Fourie
Amongst the list of 150 million other things that Bike SA editor, Simon Fourie, has to do each month, we just didn't have the heart to add "Write an Editor's note" for Bike SA on So, as with each hard copy issu... Read more
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KTM 1290 Super Adventure
In 2013, many people scoffed when Europe’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer, KTM, released the 150hp 1190 Adventure – “150hp? What for?” – but they weren’t done yet...

Ducati 1299 Panigale S Launch
Ducati’s creation of the gorgeous, groundbreaking 1199 Panigale three years ago certainly had the kind of outright performance that enabled the 1199 Panigale to more than keep pace...

Zero Motorcycles
The 160km ride revealed that Zero has more than lived up to its mantra of Sophisticated Simplicity with the new bikes...

Kawasaki Launches H2
Kawasaki South Africa were good enough to fly in one of their new supercharged H2s for launches at dealers throughout the country...

Rad Motor KTM RC 390
The best race series in the country tend to be those supported by a manufacturer. A case in point is the Kawasaki ZX-10R Cup that has been thriving for eight years or so ...

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Desert Run Preview 2015
Venture is 36 Years Old - 36 years of what is on everyone’s bucket list to do at least once in a lifetime. For 10 days away, only 4 days leave needed.

Adventures of Ben and Fe
My parents recently relocated to Clanwilliam. So we decided that I would drive up there and that Ben would come and pick me up on his bike that Friday.

CIMA Motor Show
Anybody who has travelled to large cities in China will have noticed the large number of modern residential high rise buildings cropping up in the cities.

Classics International 2015
This year it was a big one, with more spectators than ever in the eight years it has been organised by South Africa’s Clive Strugnell and England’s Mick Grant.

Visserhoek School Enduro
Bike SA will again promote and support and attend and report on this enduro. It rarely covers competitions but does do iconic ones like the 24 Hour...

24 Hour
After three very successful 24 Hours from 2011 to 2013 the rules of engagement were changed for the fourth one which were unacceptable to the organisers...

East Coast Motorcycles Triumph Bonneville Launch and Quiz Evening
This drew a large crowd and was a whole lot of fun. The lights were dimmed and amidst much revving and hooter blowing the Bonneville was driven in...

East Coast Motorcycles
The fun part of this was that the guys got to ride through the canelands near Sheffield Beach. For the onlookers it was a case of watching the bike and rider disappear...

Perry Bikes 3 Day Lesotho Adventure
Perry Bikes has planned a 3 Day Adventure Trip to Lesotho, the popular destination known as “The Kingdom in the Sky”...

MV Reparto Corse 998 F4 RC
MV Agusta has launched its latest edition to their 2015 range, the Reparto Corse 998 F4 RC. It has a new 4 cylinder power plant...



Another story of Charley & friends madcap adventures




Bikes and the war of the sexes


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