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February 2015

Tony Stone
New innovations, new thinking... ONE OF THE ADVANTAGES of being sixty-something is finding oneself constantly amazed. Th e ingenuity of humanity, especially the scientists and engineers, in living Moore’s Law, leaves one almost breathless in the... Read more
Inside Mining
African updates on the ground and underground


Drive it like you hate it
Volvo Trucks put its new FMX mining and construction truck through a particularly tough test programme at the company’s Hällered test facility...

Junior Mining: Finding the money
For many years, government and business have spoken about the need to develop SMEs as the means of creating jobs. This is exactly what junior miners do, but finding the finances can be inhibiting...

Slurry: The new transport system
Slurry pipeline technology is a safe transportation alternative that minimises impacts on local communities and the environment. What is more, the technology is reliable and efficient...

Ming IQ: Automating the future
The 4th Annual Mine Site Automation Africa Conference, presented by Mining IQ, was held in early December last year. This is a brief overview of what they had to say...

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The future of coal
With Eskom’s maintenance problems and electricity generation shortfall, SA’s President Zuma announced last year that the country would expand its nuclear energy capability.

Karowe comminution circuit upgrade
Boteti is due to begin treating the significantly more competent (Unit 13) kimberlites at their Karowe diamond plant, Botswana.

The facts behind the figures
Digging a little deeper into the facts and figures around South Africa’s water usage, especially in the mining industry.

Optimise your energy ROI
Energy costs continue to increase every year, placing additional pressure on organisations that are already struggling in a challenging economy.

Alternatives to load shedding
Are instant alternatives available? Yes.

Keeping you moving safely
LATE IN 2013, Trysome, the largest single-source supplier of heavy-duty, auto-electrical components and collision-avoidance systems in South Africa, opened its doors.

Business outcomes
It is well recognised that the decisions made during the early stages of an investment have the greatest impact on the ultimate business outcome.

The popcorn effect
SEPARATING SOLIDS from solids is a critical function in mineral processing.

Roundup Mining news from the continent


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