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January 2015

Tony Stone
The great indaba... The past year was certainly not a good year for mining. Hopefully, as I write this comment, the mining industry is looking positively on 2015 and preparing for the great indaba in Cape Town. The one thing we learn from life and... Read more
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African updates on the ground and underground


Explosive innovations
As much as mining explosives are highly technical, the safe and effective use of this tool is also an art...

Mining Indaba
A Mining Indaba special focusing on the array of technologies on show at the event...

Help me to save his life…before it’s too late
When disaster strikes, it’s the men of Mine Rescue Services, a very special breed of men, who volunteer their services – to save lives...

The impact of in Sierra Leone
Duncan McNicol, country director for Kanu Equipment, is based in Sierra Leone. His first-hand experience of the effects of Ebola, particularly from a business point of view, is frightening...

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Comprehensive solution
After taking three years to get a water use licence, Kangala transformed from empty farmland to a bustling coal mine in just over a year.

OneWay to zero harm
In looking at the fatality and injury statistics on mines today, there has been a substantial drop over the last decade.

Botswana: A jewel in Africa
This landlocked, Southern African country, a jewel in Africa, quietly gets on with life and business, belying the treasures obscured by its aeolian sands.

Outsourcing science saves costs
Accurate laboratory testing is a vital component of the mining process. Outsourcing of these services is becoming a cost-effective solution.

Kenya: Reclaiming its mining future
The Kwale Mineral Sands project in Kenya has moved into production. and is expected to be one of the top producers of ilmenite and rutile in the world.

Mining in Africa: Understanding your health risks
Mining in Africa is fraught with challenges. Key among these is the lack of appropriate medical care in remote locations throughout this sprawling continent.

Working at heights
A new climb-assist system to ensure the safety of workers who work at height elevations has been developed.

The urgent need to mechanise
If the labour unrest of 2014 taught us anything, it was that a striking workforce has the ability to cause tremendous losses for industry and the economy.

Roundup Mining news from the continent


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