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February 2015

Mzo Witbooi:
The pace at which we live is lightning-fast, with little or no time for introspection. We’ve allowed technology to take over and routine is the order of the day. We are so passive that we often don’t even take stock of our situation, allowing ins... Read more
Destiny Man


Cover Stars - Idris Elba
He may be an A-list star with an impressive list of credentials to his name, but Idris Elba’s journey of mastery and excellence has only just begun ...

Millionaire Myths
We all want to be financially free, but at what cost? It is easy to be led astray in your pursuit of the six-figure mark...

Chambers Of Change
Around the country Chambers of Commerce and Industry are enabling and encouraging entrepreneurs to succeed. We talk to three leaders about their regional chambers...

Boost Your Charisma
Charisma: you’ve either got it or you haven’t, right? Wrong. According to Molly Watson, charisma coach to Hollywood A-listers and the world’s top businessmen and politicians...

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Powerhouse MD Monde Twala has been with the free-to-air service for 15 years. He chats to DESTINY Man about the evolution of TV and why he stayed with for so long.

Invested Interests
The workings of investment companies – from how they are founded to their criteria investments – are intricate and often misunderstood. Two men in the sector explain...

Designs On Success
Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It’s a journey fraught with setbacks and hard lessons. Our business doctors provide expert solutions to the challenges ...

For The Love Of The Game
Local hip-hop has gone from being an underground movement to part of mainstream culture. We discuss the industry with three key players.

Sheer Willpower
Planning for what happens when we die isn’t something most of us like to think about, but it’s a critical cornerstone of any comprehensive financial plan. Estate ...

21st Century Upskilling
Being a full-time entrepreneur or employee shouldn’t deter you from learning new skills. A few short courses could elevate you to the realm of the big shots.

Five Life Skills to Teach Your Children
Here are five skills that will transform your children’s lives: public speaking, handling emotions, road safety, woodwork and making friends.

Just Living His Life
After several years in the fashion wilderness, the Magents label is back with its distinctive “made-in-Afrika” flavour. Brand founder Didier chats to DESTINY Man ...

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