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Jan/Feb 2015
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Neels Geldenhuys
From the Editor... Namibian professional hunting in good hands. That was the message from the Namibian Minister of Environment and Tourism at the recent annual general meeting of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA). Honourable ... Read more
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Professional Hunting in Perspective


.505 Gibbs
In the first article in this series, Casey Lewis gives a detailed overview of the origins and history of the .505 George Gibbs bolt-action rifles, illustrated with some interesting photographs...

Around the Campfire with Johnny Vivier
Well-known and respected PH Johnny Vivier gives an overview of his distinguished career that spans 37 years, touching on aspects such as his favourite rifles, game animals and hunting areas...

Big-game rifles Down Under
The 5th International Big-Game Rifle Shoot was hosted by the Melbourne chapter of the Big-Game Rifle Club of Australia in August 2014...

Buffalo stampede
Seasoned game ranger Cleve Cheney and his trails group came face to face with a 400-strong herd of stampeding buffalo in the Kruger National Park and lived to tell the tale...

Rainsford’s Rigby-Mauser – a historic rifle rediscovered
Hubert Montgomery delves into the history of this special rifle, covering aspects such as the life of William Stephen Rainsford, the Rigby .400/350 Nitro Express cartridge and the Rigby-Mauser...

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The biggest African wildlife success story
The Price brothers, Charles and Philip, have converted their ancestral farm Bowers Hope into possibly the most scenic area that Ivan Carter has ever hunted.

Sikumi Mauler
Russ Broom guides a client for a leopard in Zimbabwe’s Sikumi Forest Area. Things go wrong when the cat is wounded and attacks his trackers.

A pensioner’s treble in the Niassa
Derek Carstens experienced an unforgettable hunt in Mozambique’s Niassa Province where he took a blue-black eland bull and two buffalo, one with a unique boss.

Hunting lion around Matetsi and Victoria Falls
During most of his 55-year career as a hunter in Africa, seasoned PH John Coleman has always preferred hunting the big cats, particularly lions.

Nature’s newspaper: Listen to the bush
It is only after time spent in the bush that you start to listen to and read the other organisms around you, explains Colin Patrick.

Trackers – unsung heroes
Zambian-based PH Pete Fisher pays homage to his loyal tracker, friend and mentor, Paul Lukama, who taught him to hunt, track and appreciate nature.

Hunting the red duiker
Benand Els provides useful information on trophy-judging aspects of hunting red duiker, such as determining gender and horn length, recovery and trophy care.

On safari: big-game hunters of yesteryear
Chris Meyer describes big-game hunter Sir Samuel Baker’s experiences with vultures during his exploits in Africa.

Newspaper - Tracking the giants If you want to track elephant, be prepared to walk, and to walk far! Colin Patrick explains why.

Big-game hunters of yesteryear

another day in Africa . . . During Cleve Cheney’s time as a trails ranger in the Kruger National Park, he had contact with potentially dangerous animals on a daily basis.

South Africa's Most Proven and Experienced Outfitters

News about the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa

Interesting news, events and articles by the Big Bore Association of Southern Africa

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