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October 2014

Mzo Witbooi:
When we look at the lives of others, particularly those we admire, everything always looks perfect. The snapshot of a life today rarely gives glimpses into the paths travelled to get to that moment. We don’t get to see where they stumbled or had to... Read more
Destiny Man


Cover Stars – Cooking Up A Norm
MasterChef judge Benny Masekwameng and new addition to the popular reality series Reuben Riffel epitomise the celebrity chef phenomenon in SA. We find out more about their culinary careers ...

Destiny Man – Now MONTHLY
For the past five years, you had to wait two months for your favourite business and lifestyle magazine, Destiny Man. We’re pleased to announce that Destiny Man is now a monthly magazine...

Justice Doesn’t Add Up
Skills shortages and unemployment are among the many problems associated with the poor Maths and Science pass rates. What are we doing to salvage the situation...

Turning Clay Into Gold
As a boy, Imiso Ceramics founder Andile Dyalvane never imagined he would grow up to spend his days surrounded with pottery. But fate intervened and Dyalvane become a world-class ceramist...

Flipping The Script
After succeeding and immersing oneself in an industry, having to change careers can be daunting. Three men share their motivation for following their dreams...

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Ebola: What You Need to Know
Since the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa in March 2014, over 1 400 people have died and more then 2 600 cases have been reported. Despite this, the message from...

South African tourism CEO Thulani Nzima isn’t your regular corporate suit. He has been known to ditch the boardroom and take the plunge in some of the country’s best...

Hungry For Opportunity
Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a journey fraught with setbacks and hard lessons. In this issue, our business doctors provide expert solutions to...

At The Fashion Frontier
The fashion industry is synonymous with creativity, exuberance and joie de vivre. We explore how four men navigate this space, risking it all to redefine the industry...

The Magic Of Compound Interest
Albert Einstein said compound interest was the eighth wonder of the world. But what is it and what does it mean for you and your money?

Daddy’s Little Princess
As a father, having a daughter is a blessing and an immense responsibility that can lead to a lifetime of special memories.

The Next Big Thing
You don’t have to look much further than the impact smartphones have had on the world to see just how indispensable technology has become to the average human.

In The Name Of The Father
Much has been written about apartheid, but little attention has been paid to its enduring psychological effects on the family and, in particular, on relationships...

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