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May/June 2014
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Neels Geldenhuys
Those who do and those who only say they do... The Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA) recently invited me to their annual fund-raising gala dinner in Johannesburg. This prestigious event is held annually to raise funds for... Read more
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Professional Hunting in Perspective


Fly in the water
African big-game hunter Ivan Carter embarked on an adventure of a different kind … Guided by Brad Philipps, captain of the sportfisher Decisive, he experienced the finest sailfishing on the Pacific...

The longevity of the shotgun
Many collector-grade British shotguns are nearing the 150-year-old mark, but in spite of advancing age, are still going strong and are still accounting for their fair share of clay pigeons and...

Useful blades for hunters and outdoorsmen
There are a lot of different sizes and styles of knives out there and picking something practical and suitable is not always as straight forward as it may seem...

Tanzania hunt
Seasoned professional hunter Geoff Wainwright takes readers on another adventure – this time a hunt in the protected hunting reserve of Lake Natron Tanzania where he guided clients for lion...

Hunting lesson for life – Out of one’s depth
Taking on challenges is the way to gain experience and grow. However, when the mismatch between the challenge and the experience is too great, the consequences can be dire, writes Derek Carstens...

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Bullet performance: The case for the controlled expansion bullet
Discernable hunters opt for premium-grade bullets. The focus of this article is on bullet construction and velocity windows and their interactive relationship.

New: Firearms quiz
Test your knowledge with the brand-new quiz by well-known firearms and ballistics expert, Andrew Tonkin. You may learn a great deal!

Falconry: The sport of kings
Between 1975 and 1983, when he was living in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), falconry was an all-absorbing passion for Ron Thomson.

Elephant hunting in Kalahari sand country
John Coleman did a great deal of elephant hunting when he was a game ranger and PH in Botswana, the Caprivi and the then Rhodesia.

Nature’s newspaper: Track comparisons
Expert senior tracker Colin Patrick gives valuable advice on how to differentiate between the similar tracks of bushbuck, nyala and kudu.

Hunting the trophy grysbok
This article is intended for the hunter who wishes to hunt a trophy-class grysbok (Cape and Sharpe’s). The focus is on hunting tactics.

Big-game hunters of yesteryear
An overview of big-game hunters and their exploits in South and Southern Africa. Sir Samuel Baker witnesses how tame cheetahs were used to hunt antelope.

Toffee’s last trail
Based in KZN, Hilton Gary Sanders gives a moving account of the hunting adventures of Toffee, a brave Jack Russel who loved to hunt.

Newspaper - Tracking the giants If you want to track elephant, be prepared to walk, and to walk far! Colin Patrick explains why.

Big-game hunters of yesteryear

another day in Africa . . . During Cleve Cheney’s time as a trails ranger in the Kruger National Park, he had contact with potentially dangerous animals on a daily basis.

South Africa's Most Proven and Experienced Outfitters

News about the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa

Interesting news, events and articles by the Big Bore Association of Southern Africa

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