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Mar / Apr 2014
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Neels Geldenhuys
From the Editor African Hunting Events By the time you read this editorial column I will already be back in South Africa. I am writing from our booth at the African Hunting Events (AHE) show in Calgary, Canada. We had a very successful show wit... Read more
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A mountain called Burko – Memories of a safari in Maasailand
Aldo Rech journeyed with his family to Tanzania to hunt the Burko concession. Accompanied by magnificent photographs, the story describes their hunt for species such as gerenuk, buffalo...

Mountain bike blesbuck hunt
Jannie Nel shares a very unconventional hunt with our readers. Armed with his .250 Savage, he used a mountain bike to get within stalking distance of a blesbuck on a farm in Mpumalanga...

Double rifles – plebeian standard vs best quality
One of the most iconic firearms of the 20th century, the British double is described by Johan van Wyk as 'the rifle that made the British Empire'...

The “dirty” side of tracking
Body waste and other fluids are often left behind by the animal that we are following. It can be an unpleasant experience to study these items, but we can gather important information from it...

Hunting the trophy grysbok
This article, the first in a two-part series, is intended for the hunter who wishes to hunt a trophy-class grysbok (Cape and Sharpe’s). It will assist with the planning, preparing and...

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Back thrust on the bolt
Ballistics expert Chris Bekker explains why it is important that we should be aware of this facet of internal ballistics.

Encounters of the dagga boy kind
Seasoned PH Geoff Wainwright takes an Austrian client on a hunt for two old dagga boys in the Moyowosi Swamp, Tanzania, 1997.

A Damara leopard
John Coleman pits his strength against a crafty tom leopard partial to his Dorper sheep on his game ranch in the former South West Africa.

Hunting lesson for life – The five “P’s”
Passion, preparation, patience, perseverance and pride, when coupled with dedication and discipline, honesty and hard work, are the keys to success in life and in hunting.

Big-game hunters of yesteryear
An overview of some interesting big-game hunters and their exploits in South and Southern Africa. Sir Samuel Baker undertakes an unsuccessful giraffe hunt.

Bullet performance
Bismarck du Plessis went on a buffalo hunt, using a 525 gr DW-FN Solid in a .500 Jeffery. Chris Bekker looks at the bullet performance.

Bloodbath at Shapi
The final episode of game warden Len Harvey’s ordeal when he was mauled by a lioness at Shapi in Zimbabwe and survived against all odds.

Botswana’s wildlife dilemma
The Botswana government introduced a ban on the hunting of wildlife in controlled hunting areas with effect from January 2014. The outlook is pretty grim.

Newspaper - Tracking the giants If you want to track elephant, be prepared to walk, and to walk far! Colin Patrick explains why.

Big-game hunters of yesteryear

another day in Africa . . . During Cleve Cheney’s time as a trails ranger in the Kruger National Park, he had contact with potentially dangerous animals on a daily basis.

South Africa's Most Proven and Experienced Outfitters

News about the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa

Interesting news, events and articles by the Big Bore Association of Southern Africa

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