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Jan / Feb 2014
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Neels Geldenhuys
PHASA, international subscription competition and family... I recently attended the annual PHASA (Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa) convention and AGM where African Outfitter, amongst other role-players, received a “Certificat... Read more
African Outfitter
Professional Hunting in Perspective


Around the campfire with Jeff Rann
With a professional hunting career that started in 1977, well-known PH Jeff Rann has hunted many of the great safari areas of Africa and shares some details of his remarkable hunting career with us...

The skinny on lightweight hunting rifles
Most hunters have to carry their own rifles and as someone who likes to hunt the old-fashioned way, Johan van Wyk tends to prefer his serious hunting rifles to be on the skinny side...

Overbore cartridges: Where do we draw the line?
The term “overbore capacity” is applied to many cartridges which is to say that an extremely large cartridge holds more powder than the bore can handle efficiently...

Maluti Magic
Johan van Wyk, an experienced hunter but not an experienced horseman, did a hunting trip on horseback in the majestic Maluti Mountains of South Africa’s Free State and lived to tell the tale...

Winchester .458 Magnum
Seasoned hunter John Coleman favours the Winchester .458 Magnum for big-game hunting. Having tried various other heavy calibres during his career as PH, he has always gone back to the .458...

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Value of the game
Human-wildlife conflict is an age-old problem – it is only with the value placed on animals by hunters’ dollars that destruction of wildlife can be abated.

8 x 68S: The pale rider of medium rifles
The 8x68S has a noticeable edge over all the mainstream 300s. Devastatingly effective, flat-shooting and hard-hitting, it remains Charles Loots’ favourite hunting rifle.

The dust in his throat
Aldo Rech took his son on his first buffalo hunt and shares this special experience with our readers.

Hunting lesson for life – The Big Five
The best experience is acquired by dutiful application of the five “Ps” – passion, preparation, patience, perseverance and pride...

Mono-metal bullets and barrel life
With mono-metal bullets becoming more and more popular, Chris Bekker shares some interesting facts about mono-metal bullets and barrel life with us.

Hunting the trophy bushbuck
Benand Els focuses on trophy-judging aspects: measurement methods for Rowland Ward and SCI, age, horn length, photography hints, recovery and trophy care, and much more.

Nature’s Newspaper
How fast must we move along a trail of an animal that we are tracking? Experienced tracker Colin Patrick explains the finer details.

Gunmaker to Annie Oakley
Firearms expert Andrew Tonkin takes a look at the interesting history of renowned London gunmaker, Charles Lancaster.

Newspaper - Tracking the giants If you want to track elephant, be prepared to walk, and to walk far! Colin Patrick explains why.

Big-game hunters of yesteryear

another day in Africa . . . During Cleve Cheney’s time as a trails ranger in the Kruger National Park, he had contact with potentially dangerous animals on a daily basis.

South Africa's Most Proven and Experienced Outfitters

News about the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa

Interesting news, events and articles by the Big Bore Association of Southern Africa

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