The Gardener :: Editor's Letter
February 2020
   The Gardener

I hope you’vie got used to typing the correct year on documents or on horrid license-renewal forms by now. Typing is not bad because there are the ever useful ‘delete’ and ‘backspace’ keys, but oh heck, handwritten forms make you want to have a meltdown! Can you tell that I have first-hand experience with this one?
Nevertheless, we are in it, the 2020’s, so keep reminding yourselves and always take two forms in case you mess up the first one!

So where was gardening 100 years ago? What were the trends? This got me thinking and doing some digging (excuse the pun) into the past, and low and behold I had to smile, even laugh. Read this extract from an on line article I found titled Landscape Business Design Trends from the 1920’s to Today: A look Back in Time: “1920’s landscaping was all about the greenery. There was a real desire to celebrate and welcome nature in all its glory, which led homeowners to install bird feeders, birdhouses and birdbaths, as well as fish ponds and rock gardens – anything that would draw more nature to the home.”

“Bird watching was a popular hobby at the time, making plants and trees with berries (such as holly, hawthorn, banding, rugs roses, crab apples) popular choices for landscapers of the day.” And here we are 100 years later, still wanting to install bird feeders and birdbaths and entice nature back into our gardens! Well, knock me over with a feather! True to this trend of embracing nature and creating beautiful spaces, we feature a spectacular space in Nisan installed by Lynnette and Minna Joyce of Earthbound Landscapes. This garden is a masterpiece and has inspired me to add more grasses to my garden! Some, I admit, I am going to have to hunt for, but hey, that makes the eventual find that much more rewarding! Looking back at 100 years ago I can well imagine that this planting would have been top of the pops.

Sexy serums are our choice as plant of the month, and if I had all the pages in the world I would dedicate an entire magazine to them. Through a bit of clever plant selection and breeding, the gurus have launched us into a world of endless options and possibilities with this group of plants. From creating ‘under the sea’ themes to planting up inhospitable banks, pots, rockeries or even little pots, there is a sodium for you!

Enjoy the month of love. To you and yours, happy gardening!


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