The Gardener :: Editor's Letter
January 2020
   The Gardener

I love the scent of the holidays, the long days starting with early soft colours, the sunbirds maximising the early morning light and dewdrops, the slow cups of coffee and the many cups that go cold because I am in the garden from early. Somehow, I mislay a cup somewhere in the shrubbery and then end up making another, and family and friends pop in more than usual so the coffee cups pile up so that by evening the entire sink is vomiting with them. If only they could self-wash.

Also, imagine if coffee mugs could record the many conversations they hear, in a built-in hard drive. I’d call it the ‘eardrive’, and when we are frantic in the winter months when nothing seems to be going right and it’s hard to see the ‘light’, we could replay these conversations in a series of clips... Now that’s my wish for 2020! I am sure that some clever person out there can invent such a gadget! Ah, and imagine if you could insert that same technology into wine and gin glasses – now we are talking! Imagine the possibilities, and the recorded conversations Talking of earmugs that talk, I often wonder what the message would be if plants could talk? Would it be, “You’re a sadist!”, “You don’t care!”, “Really? Are you trying to drown me?”, “Do you know that the internal temperature in a car is 10°C higher than the ambient temperature?”, or just “Let me go! Please don’t hurt me!” I think that if they could talk there would be very interesting conversations taking place, along with a fair bit of ‘leaf slapping’! This especially came to mind when I read the following extract from Keith Kirsten’s book Blooming Quotes. It’s a laugh-a-minute book and always stays close to my desk for a little inspiration.

All that’s left to say is to be kind to yourselves and your families, as well as your plants.
Happy gardening.


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