Stuff :: Editor's Letter
September 2019/Issue 98

Five years ago, I joined Stuff as a contributing editor, supplying a daily story for the website. Shortly thereafter, then editor (now editor-in-chief and publisher) Toby Shapshak convinced me to start working from Stuff Towers and getting involved in the print editions. Next thing I knew, I was a full-timer.

A year or so later I took over as editor, and the silly portraits on this page began. Since then, I’ve had the distinct and unusual pleasure of testing literally (in the classical, literal sense of the word, not the recently-deemed-acceptable and thoroughly contemporary figurative one) dozens of phones, tablets, laptops, wearables, headphones, cameras, appliances, speakers, cars… and even a handful of games.

See, I’ve generally left the gaming to online editor Brett Venter, because he’s forgotten more about games than I’ll ever know. And now it’s time to leave something else to him: this page, and the obligations that come with it. From the next issue, Brett will be editing this compendium of tech-tinged finery, and it couldn’t be in better – or funnier – hands.

Look, his hands are perfectly normal (for a gamer’s), but in addition to rapid-fire fragging they’re capable of equally breakneck written humour. Because you don’t have to be hilarious to work at Stuff, but it sure helps.

I’ll miss the hilarity, the deadline-day takeaways, the inventive responses to spam calls, and the smell of freshly unpacked gadgets. But above all, I’ll miss the people. You’re a beautiful, bonkers bunch, and it’s been an honour to work in close proximity to each and every one of you.

So, remember folks, whether you’re working at your dream job, or having emergency root canal treatment on a Sunday, the same inescapable fact – blessedly, or accursedly – holds true: This is only temporary.


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