Stuff :: Editor's Letter
May 2019/Issue 95

The only question we get more often than “Apple or Android?” or “You’re not really going to wear that out, are you?” is “Which headphones should I buy?” So, dear reader, we’ve put together a feature that tackles that very question (p38), dispatched a variation of it on our letter’s page (p96), tried out Apple’s updated AirPods (p50) and spent a fortnight with Samsung’s answer to them: the Galaxy Buds (p78).

With the practicalities out of the way, we’ve also got plenty of fanciful fare with which to tickle your eyeballs, tempt your ticklers, and strike abject fear into the heart of your wallet. There’s Porsche’s 911 Carrera S (p87), a smorgasbord of horological wonders (p54), Huawei’s latest happy snapper flagship (p33), and Samsung’s insane 8K TV (p59).

Then there’s the bumper selection of gaming content we’ve risked getting carpal tunnel syndrome over. There’s a first look at Nintendo’s Labo VR kit (p14) and Google’s game-streaming service Stadia (p24), and in-depth reviews of the punishingly difficult Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (p88), the problem-prone Anthem (p90), the deeply disturbing Metro Exodus (p92), the disappointing experience that is Crackdown 3 (p93), and the wholesome feel-good fluffiness of Yoshi’s Crafted World (p94).

Last but by no stretch of the imagination least, there’s a sneak peek at Good Omens (p26), which we’re confident will be the best thing you (or we) stream this month. Until next month, look out for omens, but don’t take them too seriously. After all, we have it on good authority (and personal experience) that things could always be worse.


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