Muscle Evolution :: Editor's Letter
May/Jun 2018
   Muscle Evolution

Keep lifting...

I train so that I can deal with life. Many go to gym only to stimulate. This is not training. A more appropriate term to best describe this practice is maintenance.

Real training demands a certain kind of pain that mutes everyth
ing around you. It makes you forget about the inconsequential things in life. All that matters is the barbell on your back.

You’re bullshitting yourself if you think that you can still hear a conversation when you’re training ‘hard’.

Train for a purpose. Don’t stop and don’t get discouraged just because you missed a lift. There is no secret that will add 10 kilos of muscle to your frame (unless you originate from a planet called Krypton) without hard work, rest, supplementation and the consistency of a decent meal plan.

It takes time and dedication to reach your goals – be it to become super shredded, acquiring some muscle mass, or simply move some heavy-ass weight.

And time doesn’t preclude anyone from learning things the hard way, especially when it comes down to the time you spend under a ton of weight. Hardcore lifting has no expiry date... it’s a way of life.

Today we are bombarded with info from all angles and there’s an app for everything. Truth be told, you don’t have to know everyone’s opinion on something to make a decision. The nature of the beast is that you’ll have to work extremely hard after making your initial ‘fast’ gains in your first few months as a beginner. It’s the only time in your life when you’ll experience progress at that scale and pace. So, forget about fast gains.

I’ve seen people come to the gym all geared up with their bands, belts and the latest headphones. It’s great to have all that shit. I have it, but it doesn’t make you hardcore. What makes you hardcore is grinding it out for years on end, and continuing to lift after you get your ass kicked at a bodybuilding show or a powerlifting competition. Lifting when your squat sucks. Lifting when it hurts.

Dealing with adversity makes you hardcore. Leave your phone at home, put another plate on the bar and don’t expect anyone to understand your preoccupation with the iron. Educate yourself and don’t just rely on any so-called guru. If you decide to put a chemical in your body, find out the impact it will have on you.

Always train as if nobody is watching, because nobody really is. People couldn’t care less about you and your deadlift numbers. They’re all buried in their own phones and fake social media profiles and cannot wait to upload their pissy workouts on YouTube or check their latest Instagram notifications. Don’t be like them.

Don’t satisfy your ego by sacrificing your form for numbers. It’s better to lift less weight with good form than to push hard and get injured. Be patient – the weight will increase when you grow stronger. Over the long term, you must love what you do. If you hate every minute, hardcore is not for you. Rather do something else.



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