Mamas&Papas :: Editor's Letter
November 2016 issue Volume 8 No. 83

The War On Sweeties...

As the year winds down, we are bombarded with festive messaging for the holidays. While it can be tempting to give in to your children’s cries for junk food, it is important to remember that everything you feed them will h
ave a long-term effect on their health and development.

On page 48, we highlight the very real threat of diabetes, most especially type 2 diabetes. This is a lifestyle disease, which means it can be prevented by a good understanding of a healthy diet and exercise. One of the biggest dangers to your family’s health is sugar and its many forms. Often parents resort to a sugary treat such as ice cream or chocolate as a reward for good behaviour, without fully understanding the consequences. Swop the sweet rewards for quality time spent with your children or the joy of reading a book together.

How many of you have concentrated fruit juices and sodas in your fridge? It is better to give your child a piece of fruit with a glass of water than to give them a glass of pure fruit juice, as the sugar content in these juices is very high. We urge you to become more informed about what you feed your children in our article on understanding food labels on page 40.

Remember, children are copycats and learn from what you do, not what you say. As a new parent, I never used to understand why Nawaal stressed so much about what her daughter ate. Zaawi adores me because I used to give her all the junk food that her mommy never approved of. Of course, now that I have my own child I am very conscious of food ingredients.

During my pregnancy I tried hard to follow a balanced diet to give my daughter the best start in life, beginning with a healthy birth and breastfeeding. Knowing what I know now about the dangers of too much sugar, I was to continue on our healthy j


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