Mamas&Papas :: Editor's Letter
July 2016 issue Volume 8 No. 79

Burn Season Alert!

We show excitement and praise our children for the small and big milestones they achieve. Sitting, walking, dressing and helping out around the house evoke favourable responses from parents, who take the greatest pleasure in tic
king off each milestone as it happens.

As our children emulate everything mommy and daddy do, they strive to become a superman like daddy or a superwoman, like mommy. Trying, testing, pushing and pulling; all are part of the process of growing up.
Yet it is in winter that this very drive to secretly mimic us is the reason so many children land up in hospital, injured or battling for their lives. Without the reasoning skills of their superheroes, our vulnerable children fall victim to common household accidents that could have been prevented, if the parents were more in tune with or alert to their prodigies’ behaviour.

The longing to make a cup of tea for mommy, help daddy light the braai or experiment with the electric heater can result in tragic burn accidents, leaving your children permanently disfigured and scarred. Most parents are aware of their child’s safety when it comes to the bigger threats of gas stoves or swimming pools, but what about the bath water, hot water bottles or electric blankets?

Everyday household items come with inherent dangers and, ultimately, it is our responsibility to protect our children. We cannot control their innate desire to discover and experiment, but we can prevent exposing them to an uncontrolled environment when it comes to heat-drawing appliances.

We often think it won’t happen to us, but it only takes a moment of unawareness to result in a lifetime of pain and regret. Be present in the moment with your children and avoid all distractions, no matter how difficult this may be at the time. Start educating your children from the youngest possible age as to the dangers in the home. Be creative in how you protect your child without stifling their creative instincts.

Parents, I urge you to switch on your burn season alert and hopefully fewer children will be rushed to emergency with burns this year. Let’s join hands and be extra careful, every day.

We love and care for our children!

Nawaal M and Team M&P


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