Mamas&Papas :: Editor's Letter
April 2016 issue Volume 8 No. 76

Think About Your Child’s Future...

Who heads up the top companies in our nation, Africa and the world at large? Where are our girls? Where are the women? While we acknowledge the pivotal roles of both men and women in society, it is crucial that
we mirror an accurate society to our children. In this April issue, the month of our democratic freedom, I wish to focus on the exposure – or lack thereof – that afford women financial freedom.

There is a dire shortage of prominent women when it comes to positions of leadership and economic influence in our society. You are more likely to find women dollied up to be front-desk personnel or hostesses, positions of service to men. If the truth were told, we would admit that to this day, too many women are still objectified as mere breeding machines.

It is imperative that we train children from the earliest possible moment to know their potential and how to access opportunities. Just as parents get their children the best sport coaching to set them on the track to become world-class champions one day, or model a loving environment for their offspring to grow into caring adults, those who are exposed to the best circumstances will be gifted with future advantages. Successful entrepreneurs often begin involving their children in the family, teaching them the tricks of the trade and exposing them to the management of money from the moment they can start to count. This is particularly true of Jewish and Muslim communities.

These children learn to hustle at a young age, as their parents provide an environment that affords them front-row tickets to the shop floor, so to speak, and everything that goes on behind the scenes. They learn the skills of the business, from sales and stocktaking to security and financial fitness, and it is this training ground that sets them up to eventually become successful in their own right.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for some of disadvantaged or sidelined groups in the country, who may aspire to graduating with an MBA but do not have the means, access or opportunity. Their dreams of becoming heavyweights in the world are not sustained by a solid foundation – they are often exposed to failure, disappointment and disparity. However, if these parents wrap their children in the secure embrace of determination and possibility, they will emerge into society with a ‘can-do’ attitude, not take no for an answer and come back stronger after every setback.

We are what we want to be. We are treated the way we want and demand to be treated. If you instill the poison of hatred and discrimination in your child’s heart, the odds are that they will spread that venom with the same vigour.

So I ask you, parents, to think about what you expose your children to. Let’s give them the best advantage that your love can offer them… the freedom to become phenomenal!


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