Mamas&Papas :: Editor's Letter
February 2016 issue Volume 8 No. 74

Rethinking The Journey Of Motherhood...

We are going back to the days of Abraham and Sarah and revisiting the age of miracles. Things that we are familiar with are no longer as we know them and we need to rewrite the scripts of our hearts. In Gene
sis 21, there is a narrative where the 90-year-old woman Sarah and her 100-year-old husband, Abraham, conceived a child together. They became parents in their old age, redefining the days of wonder and everything that was believed to be true about conception.

Late pregnancies, particularly those that make us rethink everything we know about a woman’s life cycle, are not just a thing of the past anymore. Thanks to the continuous advancements in technologies and cutting-edge infertility procedures, couples can now select from a variety of scientific interventions to usher new life into the world. Although we still require the approval of our Creator as the ultimate giver of life, these strides in have dared us to reposition our mindsets and reconsider the limitations of our bodies as women who were previously thought of as passed the childbearing years of life are now presented with opportunities to become biological mothers.

It is not only the ‘older-mother’ phenomenon that has the medical world abuzz, but also the fact that women are becoming mothers at a disturbingly younger age – girls in their preteen years are birthing babies when they are mere babes themselves. I am truly perturbed when I see nine-year-olds with well-developed breasts and hear of them entering menses at such a tender age – it seems to me that they have been robbed of years of their childhood and while our words deny it, the truth is that society does look at these young ‘girl-women’ and treat them differently!

Our young girls have become victims and who is to blame? I strongly believe that some of the accountability must be apportioned to the foods we consume – foods that are loaded with growth hormones, artificial preservatives and other toxins. From ‘farm to table’ is not the simple concept it used to be, and parents need to seriously consider the nutrition they provide for their families. I am acutely aware of this as my daughter will soon be entering this preteen phase and my fears will become our reality.

The definition of a mother is broadening as the age-range increases, single households become the norm and even same-sex couples are afforded the right to raise children. But how is society equipped to deal with the new motherhood reality? Do we have the resources to educate mothers across the spectrum and provide the unique, individual support to which the new mother is entitled? The future is here and now… we need to re-evaluate what it means to be a mother and adjust and negotiate the roles that technology and human conception will have in our new understanding of motherhood.

One thing, however, will not change… mothers are the cornerstones of society and we need to provide them with the right support from as early as the pre-pregnancy stage to ensure a phenomenal journey of memorable moments.

Nawaal M


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