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January 2016
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Comfort Zone vs. In the Zone...

Close your eyes, stand close to the edge of the aeroplane and jump. I would say only 10% of the world’s population, if not less, will feel in their comfort zone at that moment. I have reason to believe it is the s
ame with business; close your eyes, stand close to the papers and sign. Still, I would say only 10% or less will feel in their comfort zone at that moment.

Human instinct takes over and you will start questioning process, procedures, willingness, possible mistakes and various other elements. In other words, only 10% of the world’s population will ever have the chance to be in the zone.

Current business owners will be able to tell you the importance of taking weighted risks and stepping out of their comfort zone to achieve what is only achievable when you are in the zone.

The January Issue of Wealth Ladder Magazine brings you an insight inspiring interview with Wendy Muhammad taking us on her journey from when she transitioned from corporate to building businesses which are worth billions.

This month is packed with advice on how to awaken your entrepreneurial spirit. We take a look at an economic outlook of 2016 and toughest questions you must ask yourself as a first time entrepreneur to prepare yourself for growth and success.

My advice for you is to start off continually changing your daily routine. This will help you to see aspects in a different way and will lead to innovative behaviour. It is also very important for you to look for challenges and ways to solve it, even if it is a personal challenge or a challenge someone else is facing, start with finding ways to solve different challenges. When you are ready to face the challenges in your business, implement an in the zone culture.

We wish you all the success this year.


Assistant Editor


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