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December 2015
   Wealth Ladder Magazine

Self-Confidence in Business...

I have spoken to various successful entrepreneurs and I always seem to ask them this one question; Is there a right time to start your business or to make various changes in your business? The answer is always the sa
me – No, you will never have enough money, never have enough resources or time, never will be the right time to start your business and it is in that instance that your self-confidence needs to take over.

Google describes self-confidence as “a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgement.” Having the urge to start a business or to make changes in your established business is proving that you have the judgement to see a gap in the market. Reading Wealth Ladder Magazine is improving your abilities and you wouldn’t have explored the possibilities if you didn’t have the qualities to be successful. The best advice I can give you is act the part, in your daily routine, as if you have already achieved your goals and trust in your abilities, qualities and judgement.

This month Wealth Ladder Magazine has various articles to help you boost your self-confidence. The first step to becoming financially independent will assist you in developing the habits necessary to start, build, grow and manage a profitable business. The essential finance handbook for business owners is a must. It will assist you in managing and monitoring financial performance and compliance in your business which will also in the long run boost your self-confidence if you have a successful and profitable business. Lastly from my side, it is important to look out for our WealthTravel section – Where to travel in December – as December arouses words such as travel and vacation.

Thank you for being a loyal reader of Wealth Ladder Magazine and if this is your first time reading a Wealth Ladder Magazine issue, welcome and explore. May you all find valuable information to improve your business thinking and self-confidence.

We welcome your feedback.

Assistant Editor


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